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Matthew Collins - 25 11 15
Collett: Has found someone with similar interests..

Collett: Has found someone with similar interests..

As part of an irregular column- a walk down memory lane, I’m going to update our readers about what has happened to some of our favourite fascists.

Nick Griffin

You thankfully hear very little about the former British National Party (BNP) leader. Well, he still does not have a job since losing his seat in the European Parliament and being kicked out of the BNP, but he still loves to travel. Last weekend he was in Spain at a gathering of international fascists. This weekend he is off to another gathering of Jew haters in Wroclaw in Poland. Maybe there is something about the new government there that he likes?

How we announced he had lost his seat

How we announced he had lost his seat

Simon Darby

The former Deputy Leader of the BNP has been somewhat missing in action lately. Why, only recently I suggested he had slipped in the supermarket on one of his endless trips to buy bargains to blog about in place of any BNP activities worthy of his note. Unusually for the BNP, Darby possesses a modicum of talent in his role as Press Officer, but thankfully, so few people care to ask what the BNP is up to these days that he is back doing whatever it is he does do to avoid having to talk to the moronic double act of Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson.

Darby: With the other idiot brother

Darby: With the other idiot brother

Still, it was good to see Darby at last weekend’s BNP conference conducting an interview with BNP leader Adam Walker. I almost felt very sorry for Darby; His interviewee- no matter how much prompting and help he tried to give the Chairman, proved nothing much more than Chairman Walker is woefully short in vocabulary and a morbidly monosyllabic, scruffy, thoughtless bore.

Adam Walker: The superbrain in charge of the party..

Adam Walker: The superbrain in charge of the party..

Our advice to Adam is to just keep on doing what you are doing.

Mark Collett

There was a time when Mark Collett was one of the most important nazis in Britain. Sure, he had a bit of a habit of making a plonker out of himself on television., but Collett was always forgiven. No matter what he did. That was until Collett ended up on the eve of the 2010 election involved in an alleged plot to murder Nick Griffin, the man who had bent over backwards to accommodate Collett’s ego and continual episodes of tearful tantrums.

Collett: Yes, yes he does...

Collett: Yes, yes he does…

After leaving the BNP, Collett followed a lot of other frustrated nazis into the English Democrats who had been a good customer in buying his pizza-menu styled leaflets.

Collett is still about, still giving advice to everyone about how Britain needs him to come back and rescue it. And, as this picture at the top of this blog shows, he does it with a blond on his arm. Charmed.

Steve Moore

We had lot of fun with Northern Ireland’s Steve Moore. He was like a gift that just kept on giving.

Moore: One of the master race

Moore: One of the master race

Once the BNP was run out of Northern Ireland, Moore went quiet for a while. He was probably hoping not to get caught up in the search for missing Loyalist monies. Well you would, wouldn’t you?

Anyway, it turns out he was back last weekend with another new nazi venture. This one is called ‘Ulster Awake’. I don’t suppose the wally actually means the whole of Ulster (what with those ‘Taigs’ etc living all over the place) but ‘Save The Six Counties’ hardly has that nazi ring to it.

Never mind the grammar, feel the width

Never mind the grammar, feel the width


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