Of angry and confused white men

Matthew Collins - 09 12 15

Lots of far-right nasties seem to have the hump for a change.

Remember those types who used to beg Stalin to throw them into a gulag? Meet Peter Molloy. We do not have a favourite fascist, how could we? However, I’ll doff my cap (as I often do) to Peter Molloy who has been sulking for almost a year now as a result of being bundled out of the British National Party (BNP).

Peter was famous in BNP circles for his polished helmet and stay-press trousers and his readiness to don a blazer and beret to accompany the BNP leadership on any pointless quest.

Molloy: The BNP's missing helmet

Molloy: The BNP’s missing helmet

He also volunteered, despite his well known racist affiliations, with his local Army Cadets and caused an earlier outrage when living in Liverpool (from where he was apparently banished) for offending the sensibilities of Northern Ireland’s loyalists.

Back in May 2014, Molloy was part of the secret plan along with long time friends Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson to dethrone Nick Griffin (hasn’t that worked well?)

No sooner was griffin despatched along with his begging bowl around Europe, Molly found himself also the victim of Walker and Jefferson’s thirst for party positions. And cash.

BNP: Not very bright bullshittters

BNP: Not very bright bullshittters

Molloy did not go quietly, instead he has been moaning and moaning about how unfair his lot is- rather like that bloke who complained he never went down with the Titanic.

Whisper is that Pete is even considering using the services of a ‘lefty’ legal type to sue the party in hope it will overturn his expulsion.

Molloy: Clever enough for the gulag

Molloy: Clever enough for the gulag

Judging by the sheer ineptitude displayed in the argument he is having with the BNP’s head office, I’d say Molloy has every chance of being back in the gulag before tea time.

Walker and Jefferson: Murdered the BNP

Walker and Jefferson: Murdered the BNP

Also not happy is our old friend Jim Dowson. Founding, funding and encouraging religious far-right bigots does not, in Jim’s little black book, make him in anyway an extremist. He feels a conspiracy afoot..

Dowson: Nowt like what the eye don't see

Dowson: Nowt like what the eye don’t see

To be fair, Jim has much preferred Jewish conspiracies of late to Islamist conspiracies and they are so old they really do not count much, apparently.

Why, he even recently set out his plan for Britain that sounded not too dissimilar to living under Isis. What makes me laugh, is that given Jim’s notoriously clammy reputation, it would be he having his hands chopped off under his own proposed government! He and gay men and women holding hands, that is. Why does that seem to get him so hot and aroused under his collar?

Dowson also got hot under his imitation dog collar on the weekend with the antics of the Protestant Coalition in Northern Ireland, of who Jim was a founding father, funder and ideological mentor before quitting the group.

The group managed a tiny protest in Belfast on the weekend against refugees. Dowson was furious by the nazi saluting that accompanied said tiny protest and went online to vent his anger- and was bizarrely rounded on for doing so. This morning’s Belfast Telegraph beat us to the punch in also revealing that a sectarian killer was on the march as well as the nazi saluting morons.

Nazis: Size isn't everything

Nazis: Size isn’t everything

Here’s a further punch, dear Jim. That sectarian killer, Glen Kane, was with you on one of your (Protestant Coalition) marches back in January 2013. Kane was there with your old mates from the BNP. We revealed as much at the time exclusively. There then followed a barrage of threats and abuse to our office.

And as for the nazi saluting and other far-right idiots who also ‘spoiled’ the day for the Protestant Coalition, they too were with you when you were in the BNP.

Dowson: Opening up a whole can of worms

Dowson: Opening up a whole can of worms

We mentioned them only the other day..

So, Jim’s main issue appears to be that he gets accused of being an extremist when organisations that he forms and funds become clerical bigots, race haters and nazi saluting attractions to killers.

We’ll keep that in mind.


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