Lennon announces his Pegida team

Matthew Collins - 04 01 16
Pegida UK: An old and battered car

Pegida UK: An old and battered car

No sooner had the Christmas trees come down, the ‘Christian Patriots’ of Pegida UK were up and about their important business of fighting their war against tourism.

Little Stephen Lennon is aiming for a big kick off in Birmingham on February 6th, joined by many of his old gang (brilliantly captured below by people of his own ilk.)

How the Infidels view the new venture

How the Infidels view the new venture

The big battle for Lennon and Pegida UK has been to find a leader who would take orders from Lennon but also at least manage a coherent sentence or two of their own should they be left to their own devices for a minute.

Timothy Scott failed at his first attempt. Timothy quit the leader’s role no sooner had he failed to explain why radical islam was a threat.

The search was then on to find somebody right for the job. Having obviously failed, the news today is that Paul Weston, formerly a political ally of Lennon’s in the British National Party splinter group the British Freedom Party, is to be named leader of Pegida UK.

So, in our compact and bijou office we have managed to begin the year with more than a slight giggle. I’m going to liken it, cruelly, to Tim ‘Nice but Dim’ taking over the Tory Party.

Weston has been a long term admirer of Lennon’s, often with hilarious consequences. He even got arrested once for holding a pointless ‘Free Tommy Robinson’ protest outside of a London prison. Not only had the prison service no-one incarcerated by that name (perhaps Lennon had failed to tell Weston his real name) but it turned out that Weston was actually outside the wrong prison! Lennon was enjoying one of his numerous stays at her Majesty’s Pleasure elsewhere.

Weston: A bloody not-nice bloke

Weston: A bloody not-nice bloke

Then there was the time he woke up drunk in Stockholm minus his wallet and only able to recall he had been in a tussle with some kind of Swedish Anarchist group. Sadly, for Paul, he was reminded by his Swedish colleagues that all that happened the night before was that he got very pissed on his way home and probably dropped his wallet.

The British Freedom Party (BFP) eventually died a death when someone forgot to pay its registration fee to the electoral commission, but that is not to say that Weston was not a serious political leader during that time.

No, he told American television that his plan for the [last] elections were to stand a BFP candidate in every seat in the House of Commons and the House of Lords! He admitted he was unsure of how many seats that would mean standing in for the Commons, but was rather surprised to hear, too, from an American, that the House of Lords is unelected..

So, I’m not saying he’s daft, he does write a nice letter

I did happen upon one of his meeting in London last year. Weston was claiming that he was going to find a venue himself to exhibit the controversial Mohammed cartoons that HOPE not hate exposed and the whole Counter-Jihad movement began to fall out about.

After the disaster that was the BFP, Weston teamed up with some new chaps and formed ‘Liberty GB’ a throughly cosmopolitan adventure.

Joining Lennon and Weston will be Ann Marie Waters, the former UKIP parliamentary candidate for Lewisham East and currently on their London list for the London Assembly Elections.

Waters: Searching for that perfect Sharia

Waters: Searching for that perfect Sharia

It’s not quite the line up that Lennon probably wanted- introducing his backroom gang to the former hooligans that ran the English Defence League for him. I get the impression this whole venture will be run from a pub somewhere.


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