Wigan anti-refugee campaigner in UKIP election plan

Matthew Collins - 04 01 16
Ian Adamczyk

Ian Adamczyk

We’ve reported before on the activities of anti-refugee campaigners in Wigan after local man Gary Farrimond called for the firebombing of a local hotel temporarily housing asylum seekers.

In time honoured tradition Mr Farrimond claimed his Facebook account had been hacked. Leaping to his defence at the time was one Ian Adamczyk, co-founder with Farrimond of a supposed Wigan locals’ Facebook group called No More Economic Migrants in Britannia Hotel. It was all our fault apparently.

Mr Adamcyzk has been the most vocal of campaigners in the group which, as well as mistaking asylum seekers for economic migrants, has spread rumours of rising crime linked to the temporary residents of the hotel. Wigan Today investigated these claims and reported that Greater Manchester Police was flatly refuting them.

Oops! Unfortunate cluster bomb comment

Oops! Unfortunate cluster bomb comment

No doubt Mr Adamczyk will similarly claim hackery and blame us when we point out he once called for refugees to be cluster bombed on the Facebook page of the North West Infidels (NWI), the fascist and violent EDL splinter group now attached to the National Front and led by Shane “Diddyman” Calvert.

Oops! A hanging comment

Oops! A hanging comment

Adamczyk will need also to claim his group’s members were hacked, with this posting about Muslims and to “start hanging em all off lamposts” being just one example of the foul-mouthed hatred being posted within the group. Group members also abused a schoolboy who surmised that there was, you know, just a whiff of racism in the air.

That cluster bomb comment and Mr Adamczyk’s association with the NWI and well known faces in the North’s fragmented far-right may, or may not, prove an obstacle to his electoral ambitions as he seeks to become UKIP’s candidate in the local elections.

Should Wigan UKIP be interested fellow members of Adamczyk’s anti-refugee Facebook group include Redwatch boss and notorious fascist tat merchandiser Kevin Watmough (of Bradford); one-time EDL leadership wannabe Davey Russell (Kent); Richard Treban, leader of the Infidels of North Wales; Combat 18 idoliser Pete Wharton (Blackpool) and white-priding North West Infidels Andy Barrington (Leigh), Anne Marie ‘Barnsley’ (Wigan) Peter Hawley (Blackburn), Chez Heath (Warrington), Shaun Jones (Salford) and John Vickers (Blackburn). Not just fascist but decidedly not local, as indeed can be said of very many members of a supposedly local action group.

Surely not more race hate in UKIP?

Surely not more race hate in UKIP?


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