Far-right round up: Binbag First & Pegida UK in geography battle

Matthew Collins - 05 01 16
Golding: A big ring in a small pond

Golding: A big ring in a small pond

So yesterday, Stephen Lennon (aka Tommy Robinson) named the leader of his Pegida UK group whilst in a pub called the Cuckoo. I was amused. Sky News got themselves so excited by meeting a bunch of louche bores in a pub that they described it as a “new political movement.”

What exactly is new about the group they did not elaborate. I give it less than a year before they are back swigging cans of lager in a car-park somewhere. Lennon told the assembled throng that his ‘Anti-Islam movement’ was opposed to the “fascist ideology of Islam.” He later went on to say that his group is not “an anti-Muslim group”.

That was all perfectly clear, then. And we’re off and running. Lennon also claimed that Birmingham is now the “terrorist epicentre of Britain” and announced a rally would be held there on February 6. Previously he said that about Luton. So he’s at least moving further north.

Pegida: Same old nonsense as before

Pegida: Same old nonsense as before

Not as far north it seems as Paul Golding and Binbag First. Golding is having proverbial kittens about the launch of Lennon’s new group. In Golding’s New Year message to his 833,000 Facebook followers on the Indian sub-continent, Golding claims that it’s Dewsbury that is the capital of Islamic extremism in this country. He also once claimed it was Luton.

Golding also claims that having a million foreigners like his Facebook page makes Britain First the most popular political party in Britain. “More than the Conservatives, the party in power..” Yes, under Paul Golding, the country would certainly look a little different. There would be flags and crucifix’s on every street corner, patriotic binbags for every pensioner and a political leader who wears knickers on his head on Remembrance Sunday. Political popularity would be decided by how many Facebook likes a party has bought and not votes. Votes are stupid. Just ask the 56 people who voted for Britain First the last time they stood in an election and were soundly beaten by the Monster Raving Loony Party.

What I really liked about Golding’s New Year address was his lovely big, fat ring that he kept flashing to the camera. Christmas was good for some, obviously.

Britannia Fest: Great place for a patriotic dump

Britannia Fest: Great place for a patriotic dump

For some reason, the Huffington Post claimed last week that the far-right became “mainstream” in Britain last year. I have no idea what they based it on. Last year the far-right stood the fewest number of General Election candidates since 1987 and on average polled 1%. It’s fair to say anti-Muslim hatred became a mainstream obsession- and that is not people, the sole domain of bingbag wearing, beer swilling idiots in poorly printed hoodies of the far-right. For a proper look at the far-right, our State of Hate report is due out next week and will give a more in depth picture on the far-right in Britain, than just regurgitating every idiotic utterance of tiny political parties.

But, as our report will show, we have one hell of a year ahead of us. For one, we have Britain First’s ‘Britannia Fest’ to prepare for in July. Those of us more seasoned will recall when Golding’s old party the British National Party (BNP), held violent and not so fun- filled weekends in fields under the title ‘Red, White & Blue’ Festival. The BNP though, to be fair, managed to get (at one time) a couple of thousand people together. The festivals started to go downhill when people started getting stabbed, sexually assaulted and mugged at the ‘family friendly’ events. The last one was in 2013 and involved 23 fascists bored in a field and a drunken Hungarian woman nearly drowning in a stream at the foot of Nick Griffin’s farm in the Welsh countryside.

Golding’s version is promising to be different- and free of charge. If it goes ahead at all, I doubt very much that will be the case. Gold rings like Golding’s do not come cheap. Golding is promising political worships and children’s activities over the weekend. Combine the two and perhaps they’ll manage another wondrous issue of their party periodical. Unless some mysterious benefactor also offers Golding eight grand for renouncing not a lot, I bet he’ll also charge his unhappy campers £20 just for taking a shit.

The National Front (NF) hit the headlines today when it was announced that their Chairman has been elected to an Aberdeen community council with just 18 votes! According to the report, antifascists claim to have put out thousands of leaflets during the election. (I doubt they did.)

McDonald: Elected, but few Facebook likes..

McDonald: Elected, but few Facebook likes..

Still, it’s a good start for Dave McDonald, the NF’s new leader. His party’s few English members were less than happy with having a Scottish leader, they felt he may try and change the way they do things. Still, it’s rather bizarre. The National Front has more elected officials than Britain First, but fewer Facebook members. How would Paul Golding or indeed The Huffington Post, explain this?

I did see the NF backed ‘White Pride Day’ is back in Swansea this year. The idea behind the day is to celebrate the infamous 14 Words, the mantra Nazis use to excuse their moronic, hateful and pointless behaviour. The moron organising the festival this year has rather stupidly stretched it to 15 words!

And finally, the English Defence League (remember them?) have chosen Preston for their first demo of the year. Idiots


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