Whatever happened to… Part II

Matthew Collins - 07 01 16
Simon Darby: We miss his shite

Simon Darby: We miss his shite

A continuation of the irregular column looking into what happened to some of our favourite fascists. The last one raised some hackles. Some were even unaware they were missing. So let’s get on with it:

Simon Darby: I asked the big question in the last column and since then there still has been no official word whether the Fuhrer’s favourite twitcher is either here or there. A little friend of ours up at British National Party (BNP) central has confirmed though, that their former Deputy Leader and Press officer has removed his blog (an on- the- spot guide for bores who like supermarket bargains) and gone. Gone where? Well, probably nowhere. But in twenty years of far-right activity, nobody actually knew where Darby got his money from, what he did for a living (when not slouching around the European Parliament on the EU payroll) or how he managed to get Shelley Rose in to bed. The word is that having been held to ransom by the BNP over monies he was owed (and nobody knows either where he got the money from to lend them) that Darby has decided to put give up chasing his cash. I guess the excruciating interview he was forced to do on BNPTV with the cerebrally challenged Adam Walker led Darby to thinking even £30k was not worth hanging around for to put up with that sort of nonsense. He’s correct.

Arthur Kemp: keeping his finger in

Arthur Kemp: keeping his finger in

Arthur Kemp: Kemp was quite a big name in the BNP a few years ago- they didn’t even mind that he had links to the South African security services (under Apartheid) or that he was alleged to have some link to some political murders back in South Africa. While he was in the BNP he was much feted by Nick Griffin for writing an excruciatingly boring history of the white race. I think Nick Lowles has a signed copy, somewhere.

Kemp's book: For white folk only

Kemp’s book: For white folk only

Since going missing a while back rumours have surfaced that he has been of all things, trying to be an “adviser” to certain Embassies in London of countries that hate Jews. So, it was nice to see he cropped up in Hungary last month inspecting their new fence that keeps unwanted foreigners out of their country.

Kemp: Circled, sort of

Kemp: Circled, sort of

He was there along with the former BNP leader Nick Griffin as well as the man who positively owns Central and Eastern Europe these days, Jim Dowson.

Griffin (background) after another free lunch

The kid in our office has drawn a rather poor circle around the back of Kemp’s head. Nice.

Kevin Scott: Insert another a gag about death of his political career

Kevin Scott: Insert another a gag about death of his political career

Kevin Scott: One of Britain’s more cultured fascists, Scott used to sell toilet seats for B&Q until apparently, his convictions caught up with him. Since then he seems to have spent the rest of his days reading the Guardian, listening to punk music and lamenting the decline of the BNP (which he joined in 1983). He has a first class degree in history so you’d think he would be in demand by many of the tiny nazi groups going around at the moment, but it appears not. Scott was briefly leader of the BNP splinter group the British Democratic Party (BDP), but the rest of the party’s big wigs had some slight problem with his regional accent. No word of a lie! They actually excluded him from attending their regular binges on the ‘Ale Trail’ because some of the delicate do-nothings could not bear to listen to his Geordie accent! Kevin eventually got the message and left the party and now the BDP continues to do nothing, but does sound at least, posh. It’s a shame fascists don’t do class analysis. Maybe that’s why Kevin reads the Guardian and now hangs around with the hooligans of the Northern Patriotic Front instead.



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