Far-Right leader just not ‘white’ enough

Matthew Collins - 11 01 16
Jack Sen: Erm, not a lot more to say..

Jack Sen: Erm, not a lot more to say..

A controversial former UKIP candidate who was suspended and then expelled from the party for making ‘racially charged comments’ before then joining the British National Party (BNP), has been revealed to be of Indian heritage.

Jack Sen, who made anti-Semitic tweets before moving to the BNP last May also admitted to liking National Socialism [Nazism] and also spoke of his admiration for 1930s British Union of Fascists leader Oswald Mosley.

Perhaps oddly, at the time, Sen also said he does not mind if immigrants are “white, brown, yellow… as long as they are good for the country”.

Now Sen’s bizarre take on politics can be revealed.

Sen quit the BNP in October of last year claiming among other things, that the party had become soft on “Zionists” (far-right code for Jews), and began almost immediately building his own group, British Resistance, taking a sizeable chunk of BNP supporters with him.

Believing he was some sort of new Messiah to save the far-right in this country, Sen organised a luncheon for late last year and being a bit of a show-off, he invited American fascist Matthew Heimbach to join them. The Home Secretary later banned Heimbach from entering the country.

Sen pushed ahead with his luncheon and we were so surprised by his self-belief in his own brilliance (one is always impressed when someone interviews themselves and refers to themselves in the third person) that we went as far as to claim Sen was a “narcissist”. Even my Mother thought that was cruel.

Next month Sen aims to bring out a new magazine for the far-right. It will no doubt compliment his autobiography about his very busy past eight months, and his 6,000 strong Facebook page where he is described as a “public figure”. Sen, it is true, wants to lead the far-right in this country against, well, Jews mainly.

Sen and wife: English are

Sen and wife: English are

But there has been a fly in his ointment for quite a while. The rumours, they have persisted, that Jack is perhaps, not all white. That probably would explain despite his admiration for Hitler and Mosley, that he has no apparent real problem with people that might be “brown or yellow…” as long as it would seem, unless they are not Jewish or Muslim.

Hot on Jack’s heels has been David Jones, an old favourite of ours. David is one of the most hard-line nazis in the country. We once described him as a ‘Village Idiot’ and he wrote in to complain that Todmorden, where he lives, was a town and not a village… We also wrote extensively about David’s bizarre relationship with a Chinese woman. She really did seem to get under his skin, but she eventually protested that he did not have a shower and the relationship went sour. Fair enough.

Then today, Dave Yorkshire, a waffling type of nazi intellectual got the answer all have been looking for:

Sen's wife with the guilty secret...

Sen’s wife with the guilty secret…

This is good news for Jones. Since his previous unhappy episode Jones has been wary and mindful that there may be Asians on the loose in the country and he has been keen to sniff them out. One of those he has sniffed out appears to be Jack Sen himself.

Yes, the ‘Village Idiot’ has done nothing else for months but bitterly complain that Jack’s rising star is from the East, not the West. And Jones has been banging on and on about it like some kind of racist.

Well, today, Jack Sen’s wife has confirmed that Jack is “part Indian” and not only that, that all white men/English men are all “ugly.” Never mind our tiny willies, then!

I have fallen off my chair laughing. Not once, but perhaps three times today.

Jones: Village idiot and nazi

Jones: Village idiot and nazi

I don’t know about ugly, but it sure comes to something when the supposed saviour of the fascist/nazi movement in this country is not actually white enough to be a member of half of the little nazi party’s in this country.

It’s a shame.

Sen: Not a huge fan, after all..

Sen: Not a huge fan, after all..


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