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Matthew Collins - 16 01 16
Matt Pope: Pegida poorer without him.

Matt Pope: Pegida poorer without him.

I have written quite a bit recently about Jack Sen. Last week I gave a brief of his (un) impressive resume of far-right activity: It’s been nasty, but not entirely convincing for some of our other fascists- desperate as they are to find a new leader.

I did warn that Sen was walking on the proverbial thin ice in dishing out threats and accusations about people who had been around a lot longer and were a lot nastier than him.

Well, Jack has now announced he is off to bury himself before it is apparently done for him. Even his wife has declined to come out fighting on his behalf this time. I wonder if he’ll find out which UKIP candidate it is also involved in the bid to silence him?

Jack: Bulldog breed goes week

Jack: Bulldog breed goes week

Sen, of course, blames “Zionists” for the threats against him. He’s almost worn that word thin! Rumour is he is trying to go and hide out across the water.

Another nasty who loves a dust-up is our old mate Stephen Lennon, who still uses the name ‘Tommy Robinson’ for his criminal purposes. Lennon is of course the new leader of Pegida UK. He’s just announced he and his fellow leaders are off to have a rally in Denmark (home of bacon and lager, obviously). The big problem is, he probably won’t be, because he’s about to be charged over another alleged assault. Still, that will leave Anne Marie Waters and Paul Weston to do what they do best. This will be hilarious.

The EDL & Russell take aim at Pegida

The EDL & Russell take aim at Pegida

The previous leader of Pegida UK, the rather hopeless Matthew Pope, has now decided to join up with Lennon’s abandoned English Defence League (EDL) and spread tales of woe and mischief about Lennon. That should see another dust-up, as Pope appears to have teamed up with the EDL’s Davey Russell, a supreme idiot who has near sexual fantasies about fighting Lennon. Carry on, I say..

Russell's kinky fantasy about Lennon

Russell’s kinky fantasy about Lennon


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