UKIP expulsions reveal Infidel link

Matthew Collins - 20 01 16
Calvert: Crack-head security for hire

Calvert: Crack-head security for hire

Strange goings on at UKIP HQ where, in what might be considered a break in tradition, the party has expelled a far right activist.

Lowestoft’s Jules ‘Bravehart’ Brownlee has been dishonourably discharged from the self-proclaimed People’s Army for, it is alleged, associating with the English Defence League (EDL). We have news for Farage’s firing squad. The EDL really isnt Brownlee’s bag. She prefers a fuller flavoured fascism, planting her union flag firmly in the murky ground occupied by the likes of her partner Mark Peel’s English Volunteer Force, Paul Prodromou’s South East Alliance and, naturally, the North West Infidels.

This explains why Infidel in Chief, Shane ‘Diddyman’ Calvert, has joined in with far right whining at UKIP’s decision to actually enforce its own membership rules. In doing so he made a rather interesting claim, asserting that when he attended a UKIP meeting in Blackburn he was asked if the Infidels “could sort security for them [UKIP] in the North West if things got hairy.” It’s quite a claim. I tell you what Shane, it’d be great if you could provide us with further evidence. There’s no need for formalities, just post it on Facebook and I’ll screenshot it.

Now then though – and perhaps this is a coincidence – during the election campaign a small band of Infidels and associates did turn up at UKIP meeting in Bolton, apparently to protect Nigel by getting bit sweary and slightly lairy with some local protestors.

Of course it might be argued that Brownlee’s expulsion shows a party getting to grips with its more misanthropic and politically malodorous members. It’s an argument that sadly carries as much weight as a butterfly’s wings given that anti-fascist website EDL News exposed Brownlee’s far right associations last May. This was, by Brownlee’s own account (supported by copious photographic evidence), after Waveney UKIP actively recruited her for last year’s election campaign. She took them up.

UKIP could also have taken a peek on YouTube to catch her ranting at far right protest, including the so-called unity protest hosted in Rotherham last year. The North West Infidels even posted a video of her inane ramblings.

UKIP will no doubt deny they asked the criminal thug and drug dealer Calvert to do security for them. Well they would, wouldn’t they?


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