Even the idiots are now leaving the BNP

Matthew Collins - 27 01 16
Hilliard: Won't be missed

Hilliard: Won’t be missed

As we predicted, the British National Party (BNP) has re-registered with the electoral commission and is once more a criminal conspiracy masquerading as a political party.

Even we could not predict that the cerebrally challenged individuals who now run the party would however, make an outrageous spelling mistake in the party’s description. And to think, the party Chairman was once a school teacher! Still, we know how that ended up, don’t we?

Today, the party finally expelled its former London organiser Steve Squire. Like most of you, I was actually under the impression that he had already quit the party. Squire is of course outraged, blah, blah, blah, but I doubt he will actually get much sympathy from other former party members. Squire was so keen on the expulsions carried out by the new regime that he got in the act himself. One glorious moment in his political history was to actually expel a member for eating peanuts and drinking water at a party meeting. I guess he’ll be back selling dildos before the week is out. However, Squire’s expulsion notice gives a real insight into the absolute mess the party is in.

Also leaving the party is Paul Hilliard, the clown who stood against Adam Walker in the party’s rigged leadership ballot.

We know Hilliard reads this blog, because he used enough information from it when he was a leadership challenger, but at the end of the day, he was just another wet blanket.

Having now undergone one of the shortest sulks in political history, Hilliard has decided to quit the party. Yes, I thought he had already long-gone, too. But no, he has been er, doing not a lot. Now he has gone and written a stinging rebuke of the party’s leadership that not many people are going to read or care about, because there is little they can now do about it.

However, whichever adult typed the resignation letter for Hilliard did a fine job in attacking Adam Walker and Clive Jefferson. I’ve inserted some nuggets from Hilliard’s letter in this blog:

Four grand?

Four grand?

Hilliard claims that he will continue to be a life member! That’s a laugh. If the party really did have any life members left, they would have received ballot papers during last year’s rigged elections.

Some of Squire's crimes

Some of Squire’s crimes

Writing letters as Hilliard has will hardly shock and upset the current BNP leadership. But another disaster is just around the corner.

Squire: Helmet gets the bullet

Squire: Helmet gets the bullet


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