The Dover bound delinquents..

Matthew Collins - 27 01 16

The Far-right are getting very excited about their visit to Dover this weekend. It seems only fair and proper that we give a run down of those going and what to look for:

Debbie McMahon:

Debs: Yep, they ate it..

Debs: Yep, they ate it..

Deb’s made her first ever political speech last weekend in a half empty pub back room in Leeds. You can tell it wasn’t great even by the National Front’s low standards because all they had to say about her oratory outing was she “spoke from the heart.” Touché and all that… Normally Mrs McMahon is entrusted with the far-right’s catering- sausage on sticks, white man’s pineapple chunks and the curry of a goat that slipped in her back garden. She is, bizarrely, called the “white Delia Smith”. But Mrs McMahon has plans. She and her husband are desperate to be the “Mr & Mrs” of the National Front and lead it, in place of all things, the bloody Scotsman who currently has the job! With this in mind, Mrs McMahon has been added to the list of race-haters speaking at the NF’s rally. Should be fun. Keep those meringues white, Ok lads?

Kevin McMahon:

Makes me proud to be white...

Makes me proud to be white…

I’m not saying that Kevin stabbed the previous National Front (NF) leader in the back, but he did. It’s probably the reason he did not get the job when it became available. Kev fancies himself as somewhat of ranter, so expect him to start ranting abut black people, Muslims, gays, Jews, refugees etc, etc. Whether he will repeat the rant he made about the mess Daz Lumb left in his toilet, I could not comment. Lumb would probably fill him in if he did, which is something Lumb should’ve done with Kev’s toilet. Filthy. Yes, Kev and his missus have big plans to lead the NF- never mind that he is too lazy to actually do any political work- we think he should just for that reason.

Richard Edmonds:

Edmonds: Nazi karaoke king

Edmonds: Nazi karaoke king

Edmonds is also expected to be in London this day, ranting about Jews with the other geriatrics that make up the London Forum. Still, Dover has its own attractions for Richard. If he looks long and hard enough, he’ll probably be able to see the coast of France, where British soldiers were murdered by Nazis in their attempts to liberate the country. That’ll make him happy. Age has not wearied Richard and he is still a sprightly but now occasionally forgetful fellow. He did get a little hot under his collar recently when Martin Webster said some rather unfortunate (but true) things about John Tyndall, the man who abused Edmonds’s friendship and loyalty for years in both the NF and the British National Party (BNP). Apparently Edmonds offered to meet Webster in the carpark to settle their differences but when he got outside their cheeky little meeting he’d forgotten not just what the argument was about, but also how he was getting home!

Paul Prodromou:

Pitt: The Prod with the plod

Pitt: The Prod with the plod

Prodromou is almost as good as domiciled in Dover these days. He’ll be making his way there with a few hearty others after a few pints at an early opener in nearby Thanet. I’m not sure what the rail network has planned for them, but whatever it is, Prodromou will be angry. Prodromou is always angry. He will be speaking at the rally and calling for unity between all of the white brethren there. And him. The only thing he will not do however, is close down his tiny little group the South East Alliance (SEA) and throw his lot in with any other group. Yes, “Stav” as his colleagues call him behind his back, wants to be a great leader too, but is probably still a little sore after the National Front declined to offer him their top job on account of… well, the obvious.. Of course, some will point out that it is hypocritical of Mr Prodromou (who calls himself ‘Pitt’ to avoid upsetting any racists in his racist gang) to go to Dover and call for immigration to stop. However, Prodromou’s family did not enter the country by sea, apparently. Yep, he’s stumped me there with his good old fashioned wisdom…

Mark Freeman:

Mark is the organiser of the demo.

Richard Kemp:

Kemp: Fish and chip Nazi

Kemp: Fish and chip Nazi

Kemp, who now works on the Redwatch website, has had to pull out of the trip. Maybe it is busy in his Halifax chip shop on a Saturday. Who knows? Well, for £200- as one Sunday Newspaper found out, he’ll tell you! No, actually, he is just scared of meeting people whose details he has put on the internet.

Andy Royston:

Royston: Pump it up, big boy

Royston: Pump it up, big boy

Andy is not taking his black girlfriend with his to this one. I guess with only one t-shirt between them, it makes sense..


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