The idols of marching

Matthew Collins - 03 02 16
Price: Throwing a brick in Dover last weekend

Price: Throwing a brick in Dover last weekend

It may take some time for Dover to recover from the visit of the thugs of the far-right last weekend. Is it any wonder that police normally prefer to stick this kind of individual in a car park and away from the rest of society?

One unhappy obeserver of the day’s events was Nick Griffin’s former bodyguard (no, not the fat lad with a coffee table- someone with a bit of form,) Liverpool “identity” Joe Owens.

Owens: Not your average bouncer

Owens: Not your average bouncer

Owens has an irregular video rant about the secret state and its apparent total control of Britain’s nazi movement. There are very few (I think only two) people who Owens does not believe are either in the employment of MI5 or acting on behalf of HOPE not hate.

It does not matter who you are or where you’re from, Owens has very little time for you. He’s recently take a major disliking to Paul Prodromou the self-appointed nobody who waves his hands in front of police officers faces every time he comes into contact with the boys in blue. According to Owens, Prodromou was again, down the front in Dover waving his hands in the faces of coppers and trying to encourage his comrades (or “chavs” and “Untermensch” as Owens prefers to refer to them) to riot on behalf of the secret state.

touché etc, etc

touché etc, etc

To back all this up, Owens then directs us to news footage of the nazis rioting but instead of Paul Prodromou, it is actually Roy Price Junior he has been referring to. Price is best remembered for getting arrested outside the Old Bailey as part of a gang that so disgraced itself, the family of Lee Rigby could not make a statement to the assembled press outside of court on the day his killers’ were sentenced.

Wilshaw: Does what grown men don't

Wilshaw: Does what grown men don’t

Needless to say, Prodromou is unhappy either way. But how delightful it is to see Kevin Wilshaw commenting on Prodromou’s counter-attack on Owens. I used to know Wilshaw when I was in the National Front many moons ago. A thoroughly warped individual he is too. A quick look at his Facebook page tells you what he is like. He has lots of pictures of young boys and girls in nazi uniform and a mock-up of me in a nappy. Still obsessed with me I see, Kevin? I am a lot older (and fatter) than those less-than halcyon days.

The other great march last weekend was in Dewsbury, where Britain First were attempting to take back the town from tourists, terrorists, taxi drivers etc, etc. Despite a million Facebook followers and a regular update (almost daily) in the Huffington Post on just about everything they say, Britain First could only manage 113 marchers. That is considerably less than they expected, we expected and no doubt than they will report.

Dowson: Brought some more books to cook

Dowson: Brought some more books to cook

Jim Dowson turned up looking like a cross between Herr Flick and an undertaker. That probably won’t bode well for the rest of the gang. During his speech, Dowson launched a blistering attack on women’s rights, Star Wars, homosexuals, atheists. Everything. But it must be a real worry to them that Britain First cannot persuade 999,900 of their Facebook followers to go and join them in their crusade. I guess it could well be back to standing outside Mosques swilling cans of lager for those that do in their search for enlightenment. For Dowson I guess it will be back to throwing objects at young women entering family planning clinics.

We shall see...

We shall see…

The big worry for those ensconced in sadness and bewilderment in Britain First’s bunker is that the low turn out at their rally may be due to people preferring instead to go to Stephen Lennon’s relaunch of Pegida this Saturday. There was a time when those behind Pegida now and those behind Britain First almost ended up in bed together. When the talks stalled the parties went their separate ways and Lennon had no choice but to get back into bed with Paul Weston, the clown like figure he had initially tried to keep away from his new project. An indication of how desperate Lennon was to keep Weston away from Pegida is that he then turned to Timothy Scott after Dowson and Golding, before turning to Weston. Understandably so..

Not that it looks like the Pegida re-launch (if you must call it that) in a car park this Saturday is going to be any great shakes. Having banned the British National Party (BNP) and National Front (NF) from attending, Lennon is hoping to reignite those who quit his English Defence League (EDL) before it was sunk by drunken acrimony, incest and violence.

Lennon takes on Pope

Lennon takes on Pope

The decision to ask people to wear stickers over their mouths while marching has also upset the former leader of Pegida in Britain, Matthew Pope. Pope has not quite recovered from having the group swiped from underneath his feet by Lennon and has apparently plenty to say to whoever will listen about Lennon being a “con man”. Always the last to know Matthew, always the last to know…

The Pegida organsiation really does have all the hallmarks of a desperate and dateless ball. Lennon says he does not want the NF or the BNP there, but his sock puppet Paul Weston has previously held talks with and kept company with just about every far-right leader there is, including Andrew Brons, Jim Dowson, Paul Golding and even BNP chief Adam Walker.

Understandably, Weston chose to meet with Walker in a public place. At the original launch of Pegida in Newcastle in February of last year…

The meeting of two not so great minds

The meeting of two not so great minds


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