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Matthew Collins - 17 02 16
Jealous: Prodromou behind Bryan & McDonald

Jealous: Prodromou behind Bryan & McDonald

There is a lot to get through this week. Kent police have just released some images from the Dover riots, where neo-nazis threw rocks and bottles in their bid to ingratiate themselves with British truck drivers. Yeah, exactly; how does that work?

All of those pictured are (unsurprisingly) from the extreme far-right. This release could not really have come at a worse time for the neo-nazi movement in this country. Their competition-the ‘Counter-Jihadists’ appear to be broken or just slumped outside a nightclub somewhere and so the lead in hate crime was really in their court.

But since Dover there have been rumblings of discontent. Some people apparently stepped out of line, and try as he might to be the Godfather of all things “unity,” Paul Prodromou has been doing his best make things difficult for the rest of the nazi movement.

Having been overlooked for the job as leader of the National Front (NF) Prodromou has been quietly sticking the knife into the party from behind the scenes. The NF were hoping to be joint organisers on the North West Infidels’ (NWI) Manchester rally later this month, but it appears that the NF are getting shoved out of the picture in favour of a more European contingent. The NF are less than happy about this proposed arrangement and as discussions have become more and more unintelligible one NWI member has told the wife of one National Front leader who could feel his nose being put out of joint to “get back in the kitchen and cook the fat slob his breakfast.”

Prodromou: Dumped and delirious

Prodromou: Dumped and delirious

Stirring this pot all the time has been Prodromou, who has a real issue with the NF appointing a Scotsman to the leader’s job he so wanted. He is particularly angry with former Chairman Kev Bryan who appointed Dave McDonald instead of him. I can never forget Prodromou’s expression stood behind the two of the them at the NF’s march to the Cenotaph last November. He had an expression of a man resigned to rage and jealousy and of course, not actually being white enough for the job he so wants.

Not to be put down for too long, Prodromou has been sticking the knife in to the NF and also planning to do pretty much the same to state grass and dirty farmer Eddie Stampton. It’s all rather dramatic by Prodromou. Akin, in fact, to the dumped wife telling her husband to choose between her and his new lover. But there you go.

Deaton Whitbread: Get a beard, son

Deaton Whitbread: Get a beard, son

The release of the Dover pictures will now lead to a rather large swell of bitter nazis ringing the police to dob their comrades in for throwing rocks at them. If we can name seven of those pictured, how many do you reckon Stampton and Layzell alone can name? Answers on a postcard to Kent County Constabulary…

One of those people who has not as yet received a tug from the police is Deaton Whitbread, part of the father and son team who went to Dover. Funnily enough, Deaton has been waxing lyrical about how hard he is and what he believes in.

Deaton: Gobshite gets out of closet

Deaton: Gobshite gets out of closet

We’ll leave that there. The rumour about Deaton is… Deaton’s business.

It’s been a few weeks now since we exposed the teen nazi gang National Action for shielding a sex-offendor in their ranks. Since then, National Action (NA) have been suggesting that Ryan Fleming’s conviction for torturing a vulnerable young man and forcing him to perform a sex act was actually the work of the Zionist Occupation Government (ZOG). Yes, before NA even recruited Ryan Fleming and encouraged him to attempt to groom more potential young victims, the Jews apparently stitched Fleming up and made him do disgusting and degrading things to a vulnerable young man. Then the Jews sent Fleming to prison for it. One must assume that the Jews also made Fleming join National Action, then?

Fleming: Violent penchant for young boys

Fleming: Violent penchant for young boys

What is more disturbinng is that Fleming is part of a teenage gang that by all accounts drool over videos of bestiality, beheadings and torture . Fleming has been inundating our website with more and more information about himself and his sick fantasies. He makes Garron Helm’s lovesick poetry appear positively normal.

Not everyone's impressed by Fleming

Not everyone’s impressed by Fleming


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