Why we oppose filth like Jimmy Kaprini

Matthew Collins - 19 02 16
Kaprini: Acting the big man in Dover last month

Kaprini: Acting the big man in Dover last month

A while ago I stopped drinking in local boozer. Something unpleasant was happening. A drunken roofer with a vile, racist mouth was putting me off my beer.

In the end, I was just pleased to move away. One of the reasons I was glad to move away was the antics in my local of that buffoon of the highest order. A racist wally who dressed like a biker but didn’t have a motorbike, who spouted vile racist filth like it was from a bible, but I wasn’t sure he had ever actually read a book.

And he was what one other drinker described as being a “little on the nose.” Yes, he was indeed.

So imagine my surprise when who should turn up in Dover the other week when nazis were throwing rocks at the police and local kids- James “Jimmy” Kaprini from the Unicorn pub.

Kaprini, it turns out, has joined one of a plethora of daft nazi gangs. At the moment he is a member of the faux motorcycle gang “Southern Sons of Odin” as well as “Right Wing Resistance” a group of idiots capable of only resisting education. And soap.

As my colleague often says (through experienced and gritted teeth) “only a truly stupid nazi actually describes themselves as right wing.” Yes, interesting..

Yes, Kaprini from Sittingbourne in Kent is a rising star in his own little orbit. But little has changed. He is still a gobby no mark.

Today it is being reported that a Muslim man, an Imam, has been murdered in Rochdale in Greater Manchester. I don’t know much about the victim yet. But he is someone’s son, maybe someone’s Father. He may have once held his daughter’s hand at her wedding. He may be some little kid’s Grandfather. He may have been the sort of man who still gives up his seat for women on the bus.

Kaprini: The words of an animal

Kaprini: The words of an animal

Someone, somewhere, regardless of what sort of man he was, will be missing and mourning him.

Gobshite James “Jimmy” Kaprini however, is glad he is dead.

That’s why we oppose racists and fascists. They are inhumane.


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