Will NF man’s conviction end months of harassment?

Matthew Collins - 19 02 16
Daniel Lewis: Not a fan of women

Daniel Lewis: Not a fan of women

The habitual abuse by racist thugs of female activists in Wigan shows no sign of abating despite the conviction of Wigan’s National Front (NF) organiser Daniel Lewis under the Public Order Act.

Lewis was issued with a restraining order after being found guilty of using threatening or abusive words or behavior words towards a Wigan woman and her teenage son. The court action follows Lewis previously being issued with orders preventing him visiting the homes of another local woman and gay man after he harassed and abused both of them.

This conviction comes just a few months after Lewis, who lives at home with his Mum, called for gay people to be gassed in a post on the Manchester Evening News’ Facebook page about the city’s annual Pride celebrations.

The idiot who beats up women

The idiot who beats up women

Lewis is also in the process of organising another bit of ‘white pride’ nonsense in Wigan for May. No doubt it will be pitifully attended and sporadically violent. The last time Lewis organised a Wigan gathering his drunken and violent nazi saluting brethren intimidated local residents, including children, after worryingly being given free-reign to stomp the streets by both town centre officials, the council and Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

Despite the current feud between the NF and the North West Infidels, Lewis can be also be expected to attended the Infidels’ next pointless get together in Manchester next week.

Both the NF and Infidels attended the recent violent and destructive far- right shindig in Dover. Let us hope that a more robust response will be offered by GMP and the council with regard to the forthcoming planned events and the protection of decent people who wish to protest against violent women-haters coming to their town.

Wigan last year

Wigan last year

The continued intimidation and harassment of female trade unionists, socialists and antiracists in Wigan is a major cause for concern. HOPE not hate is aware of a number of cases of stalking, death threats and criminal damage carried out by individuals linked to the National Front and NWI. As of yet it appears that the local police have not made any further arrests.

Steroid boy was also there

Steroid boy was also there

The Manchester demonstration at the end of this month is being organised by Shane Calvert, a thug with a conviction for violent disorder as well as an attack on his former partner whilst she was pregnant.

Calvert has pledged not to co-operate with the authorities in the run up to his demonstration in Manchester on the 27th. He has however, already (unwittingly?) helped police in Kent identify his violent nazi colleagues by splashing pictures of their violent antics in Dover all over the internet.

We are hoping that the endless harassment and violence of women and activists now ends before someone gets seriously hurt.

Wigan's message to Lewis last year

Wigan’s message to Lewis last year


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