Splitters and quitters as McMahon moans

Matthew Collins - 02 03 16
Deb gets her goat

Deb gets her goat

It seems our revelations about NF hostess Deb McMahon’s attempts to be the Nazis’ Mystic Meg have caused yet another split in fascist ranks.

With equally disruptive hubby, Kev, the troublesome Heywood based bringer of buffets has caused more fractures than osteoporosis. This time she’s simultaneously upset the teenage terrors that are National Action, the National Front and violent Nazi nutjobs, the North West Infidels.

To be fair to Debs, she’s done so by actually making a reasonable point, one that is hard to dispute. She astutely argued that the small band of fascists who descended on Liverpool last Saturday did so simply because they wanted a ruck.

She did not hold back. This appeared to be her Downfall. Pun intended.

It begins...

It begins…

It continues....

It continues….

As you can see fascist friend Paul Ako aka Wirral white prider (NF, NWI, Misanthropic Division), Peter Atkinson is unimpressed. South East Alliance activist Gary Cousans is only just warming up though.

The ultimate threat - Facebook deletion

The ultimate threat – Facebook deletion

Infidel David Williams then puts the jackboot in by querying why after decades of NF campaigning, the nation isn’t gripped by fascism?

Williams, thinks Deb is really nothing.

Williams, thinks Deb is really nothing.

She signs off by accusing her soon to be former friends of “bigheadness”, being driven only by egos and a taste for streetfighting. It’s nice to see Deb has clocked on to what we’ve been saying for years. With that she flounced off Facebook.

The last goodbye? Probably not.

The last goodbye? Probably not.

This spat is just the latest in line at which you find Deb and Kev at the centre. It’s also part of an ongoing NF feud which turned violent last summer.

In not entirely unrelated news, just over the border from the McMahon’s Lancashire NF leadership bid HQ, news arrives of the demise of the West Yorkshire branch. In response to Paul Prodromou’s attempt to drum up fighters for the next fascist fight, Paul Davies reports it’s curtains. I guess with Darren Lumb fresh out of court bearing another conviction for race hatred (more on that soon), that’s active local membership halved at a stroke.

Not to worry though, Paul hopes to bring his mates from the pub with him. Hope you don’t mind you calling them, “gum thumpers” Paul. We’d hate to cause more division in your ranks.



Ee, Britain’s far right, they’re a rum lot aren’t they? Smaller than a midge’s todger and more splinters than a carpenter’s workshop.

Peter Atkinson (left) in Liverpool. He was angry then too.

Cousans (centre), wrapped up warm for Liverpool, the soft Southamptoner.


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