BNP election surrender takes the Mick

Matthew Collins - 03 03 16
He's off: Mick 'Not Very' Sharpe

He’s off: Mick ‘Not Very’ Sharpe

Nowhere is the disintegration of Britain’s far right better highlighted than within the vastly diminshed ranks of the British National Party.

The dubious election of Adam Walker led to a series of expulsions and resignations as the new leader made his mark, mainly by leading the party’s hearse. The elevation of much reviled Clive Jefferson to deputy chairman hastened the funeral procession.

Latest to leave the fold is long time Derbyshire party activist, Mick Sharpe. A BNP member for 23 years Sharpe has quit in protest at the party’s decision not to stand paper candidates in the local elections.

The importance of this electoral retreat cannot be underestimated. BNP campaigns in the former coal mining community were marked by violence. Bricks, threats and cars used as weapons – these replaced the leaflets and door-knocking favoured by traditional parties. This was violent fascism into which the party threw much weight. Mick is going to miss it.

No doubt he’ll send his membership card back to the party’s Wigton HQ. Fear not Mick, you’ll still be contributing to the party’s activism. That piece of plastic will come in very handy in fostering the well-documented recreational activities indulged in there. So that’s not to be sniffed at.



Mick’s public throwing in of his card comes as other disillusioned ex-members, including former Salford organiser, Gary Tumulty, and barking Barking activist Bob Taylor, stuck the knife in.

The video is a wibbly-wobbly affair which features Walker and “Activist of the Year” Christine Freeman, sat in the boot of a car. It was shot after some pointless campaigning in Hornchurch, with Taylor quick to point out the small band of campaigners were not from London. Yes, the BNP can’t even muster activists in the capital any more. Expelled former London organiser Steve Squire, could be excused a snigger or two.

Consumer advice: Don't buy dodgy goods out of car boots

Consumer advice: Don’t buy dodgy goods out of car boots

The duo, and others such as Donna Treanor, watched on incredulous as Walker declared the plughole-chasing BNP as indestructible, in yet another rambling and fantastical blog. Whilst Sharpe has signalled electoral retreat, Walker claims “Across the country we are targeting wards and we intend to WIN!”.

Other delusional fantasies promoted by Walker include the suggestion that the few remaining BNP members are ‘the “Special Forces” of British nationalism’ and that they are ‘fully fighting fit – more than that – WE ARE INDESTRUCTIBLE!’

Indestructible is certainly a curious choice of descriptive for a party with its foot to the floor, travelling in the fast lane to obscurity.

Adam Walker, more indescribable than indestructible.

Adam Walker, more indescribable than indestructible.

Maybe it's because they're not Londoners: the Hornchurch campaigners.

Maybe it’s because they’re not Londoners: the Hornchurch campaigners.


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