NWI fall out with everyone

Matthew Collins - 07 03 16
Harrison with swastika swaddling girlfriend Lacette Brooks

Harrison with swastika swaddling girlfriend Lacette Brooks

Since their abject humilation in Liverpool it seems Shane Calvert’s North West Infidels (NWI) are on a serious mission to split what remains of the Northern far right.

An already nicely simmering feud with the National Front (NF) boiled over after Deb McMahon gave the pot a hefty stir last week. Now a trans-Pennine bust up has broken out with the NWI mocking former ally and British National Party (BNP) golden boy, Steve Harrison.

Seasoned watchers of Britain’s fascist scene will remember Harrison as a “senior activist” for the BNP in South Yorkshire. Touted as a future MEP, he was being groomed for greatness. But then, so were lots of people who ended up not being fit for purpose – even as fascists.

For a while Harrison relocated to Lancashire to romance renowned Hitler-licker, Lacette Brooks, a woman so in love with the swastika she swaddled herself in it at night. Yes, she has a Nazi duvet. There he joined her in the North West Infidels, pointlessly protesting against a mosque extension in Bolton and so on. The usual nonsense.

Now he’s back in Rotherham, having abruptly departed Lancashire where rumours of a life-threatening rent debt persist. He now lives with Brooks who keeps the (non-white) wolves from the door by operating a fork lift truck and, allegedly, entertaining local taxi drivers over the telephone.

But whilst love may be thriving in South Yorkshire for Harrison and Brooks, it’s faltered across the Pennines with Harrison not at all happy that British fascists stood with polish fascists behind those Merseyside Police lines two weeks ago.

Spit and Polish

Spit and Polish

It wasn’t always so. Once they were so happy together.

Happier times: Calvert & Harrison

Happier times: Calvert & Harrison

And with NWI activist John English

And with NWI activist John English

Poor Harrison takes a bit of a kicking on the NWI thread too. We’d show you more but it seems Facebook has chucked them off again.

No love lost

No love lost

Making this even more gloriously amusing is the fact that the NWI have fallen out with Harrison over invitations to Polish hooligans, and the Polish hooligans have now fallen out with the NWI. It appears that they forgot to use Google Translate when researching their new pals in Fight Club. They didn’t know that as well as throwing fists they throw Nazi salutes.

Stefan mentions the war. Doesn't get away with it.

Stefan mentions the war. Doesn’t get away with it.

Meanwhile the latest demise of the NWI page, coupled with the group’s ongoing mission to grass up its own by endless posting juicy videos, makes you wonder just why John Boyes is offering this advice.


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