It’s lonely being Kevin Watmough..

Matthew Collins - 08 03 16
Watmough: Doing his own tea bagging now

Watmough: Doing his own tea bagging now

We used to write about Kevin Watmough a lot. He is after all, the man who founded the Redwatch website and a man who has never done a day’s work in his life.

He is perhaps best described as leech- even on the far right. Kids flock to Kevin to buy tatty old badges and hear about the time he once polished the boot of a C18 member. He is, a thoroughly rotten individual.

Mrs Watmogh: Now a single nazi, herself

Mrs Watmogh: Now a single nazi, herself

Among some of the many things Kevin has done in the name of nazism in this country is campaign for the release of his close friend Martyn Gilleard, a jailed paedophile. He has done little and achieved even less.

Kevin settled down a few years ago and he and his missus together, turned their Bradford semi into a shrine to Adolf Hitler. His wife had to pay the deposit on their home as Kevin had no means of income to show the bank. She often found herself having to defend the poisonous dwarf, sometimes physically, from people who either wanted their money back, or simply took a dislike to him.

For a while he made a small amount of money designing tatty and outdated websites for fellow nazis. They are now scattered around the web and ignored.

Last year Kevin ran off and left his wife in a pub in Manchester during a nazi rally in the city. Our photographer came to her rescue because we are often nice people. Watmough told everyone that it was us that was responsible for injuries she later received after giving him a hard time for running and leaving her. The cheap skate did not even pay for her drink before running away!

Very Clever: But check out the porn site, lover

Very Clever: But check out the porn site, lover

Manchester appeared to be one humiliation too many for her, and she slipped off and left Kevin one night, telling him that she was going out for some milk.

Since then, Watmough has been back on the internet making a nuisance of himself. He recently got banned by Facebook for the usual racist rubbish and has had to go back to an old Facebook page he uses.

Watmough kindly screen-grabbed for everyone to see just how naughty he was to get banned. And yes, it appears he was on his computer watching pornography at the time he was showing off what a great nazi he is. And yes, it is a porn site with lots of black women on it. I checked for research purposes..

It’s a great life in the far-right, I guess. Maybe that large box of Kleenex he had delivered was not just for the tears..


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