Sex predators’ still very much part of the Nazi gang

Matthew Collins - 08 03 16
Fleming: A danger to young men

Fleming: A danger to young men

Ryan Fleming, who we exposed as being a sex offender that tortured a vulnerable teenager and forced him to commit a sex act, is still very much a part of National Action.

In fact, it is fair to say that National Action (NA) have gone out of their way to protect Fleming, who is now working at a cafe in Leeds.

Fleming’s continued presence in the group has caused much and genuine consternation with other nazis as too has NA’s continued fixation with violent pornography. A recent piece of “art” on their website depicted a (Jewish) male being forced into performing a sex act on a member of the group. We have reproduced the piece of this “art” here, but have covered up a part of it for decency.

Art of the modern nazi

Art of the modern nazi

NA continue to shield Fleming because they claim his actions were in some way an act of revolutionary prowess. They have even gone as far as to claim that the entire story, including Fleming’s conviction is part of some Jewish plot against them! Even the most hard nosed of British nazis are finding that hard to swallow. A numer of older British nazis are now beginning to openly question whether the group is safe to have around young recruits and already their “training camps” are being described in terms not fit to repeat here.

Dark web: Where NA hang out with paedophiles

Dark web: Where NA hang out with paedophiles

Fleming’s real use to the group is in the “Dark Web” where internet is hard to find, combat or in some cases access. Its content is usually on networks which use the public Internet but the users of services (like paedophiles) cannot be traced. It is very popular with terrorist and paedophile networks of which National Action appear to be heading. The group currently uses Tutanota to encrypt their love of sick pictures and fantasies.

Ivan: Graffiti artist and...?

Ivan: Graffiti artist and…?

A recent interview on their website was with a Lithuanian member of the group “Ivan the graffiti artist” who claimed he took inspiration from “pederast writers.” It appears the Lithuanian is obesessed by pederasty as his interview is littered with references to it.

I’m sure Ivan will be happy to have found a home for himself among National Action, which takes great pride in grooming young males to be a part of their gang. Fleming- who uses the name Alexander Morain on the internet, himself has boasted how attracted young people are to him.

Ivan: Another with terrible influences

Ivan: Another with terrible influences

I’m sure when he signs the sex offenders register this weekend, Fleming will be asked exactly about the content of his websites.


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