Blackpool ignores Jew-hating rally

Matthew Collins - 13 03 16
Blackpool: fans of racist drug dealers collide

Blackpool: fans of racist drug dealers collide

People in Blackpool yesterday did the sensible thing and ignored a tiny rally of British neo-nazis with their faces covered shouting and hollering about Jews.

With pint glasses in hand they ranted and raved about Jewish conspiracies and waved foreign flags and moaned about immigration. Yes, Blackpool does have a lively seafront of sideshows and weirdoes and yesterday was no different.

Forty supporters of the North West Infidels (NWI) and National Action gathered there in the hope of a riot. Sadly, their leader Shane Calvert (aka Diddyboy) was not around to provide the usual chemical stimulus these cretins need. The cheap lager was just not enough for them this time.

National Action aka Nylon Acne

National Action aka Nylon Acne

Calvert was at his mum’s house with an electronic tag after spending a few days on remand in Kent. Others stayed away completely, probably too embarrassed to be seen in public after one of their own was sent down last Wednesday for five years for his drug related activities.

The Spite Girls had an outing

The Spite Girls had an outing

The boys from National Action hid their faces as usual. It’s part art, part hiding from mummy and part not wanting to be spotted hanging out with a sex offender, don’t you know? Their ‘leaders’ were in Vilnius looking like spotty schoolboys. And sounding like them, too. Not for them lagers on the sea front with Wayne Bell’s Pepa Pig rucksack.

One person who was there was former Manchester University student Jack Renshaw. Renshaw is currently working in a hardware shop after he was asked to leave University. Jack has removed much of his online hatred about Jews in the vain hope he will be admitted into the British army. He is due to begin basic training soon and should have taken his father’s advice to keep his gob shut and his head down while waiting to start his training.

Instead, Renshaw gave a very softly spoke rant (he did try and sound big) about Jews. Renshaw told the drunks and drug dealers who were there about Britain’s “Jewish problem”.

Rensahw spouts bile while Royston stands far left

Rensahw spouts bile while Royston stands far left

Renshaw described British Jews as “a problem, a Jewish problem” further describing Jews as a “caramel work-force” whatever that means. Even though he covered his face (poorly) poor Jack will always sound as if he’s still waiting for something important to drop.

What was interesting was seeing Andy Royston and his mixed race girlfriend there. Talk about an elephant in the room, love! Maybe someone should tell her it is about prejudice and race, not who your daft boyfriend is this week? Royston covered his face (which was last seen covered in blood) but he still looked like the steroid pumped and cheaply tattooed moron he is. Even with a pair of tights over his thick head.


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