No Law like Tommy Law

Matthew Collins - 14 03 16
Tommy Law: Coventry's most unwelcome guest

Tommy Law: Coventry’s most unwelcome guest

Much wailing and gnashing of teeth yesterday when nazi hard man Tommy Law found himself the centre of attention of an Irish newspaper.

Law has been claiming to be a member of the outlawed Ulster Volunteer Force (UVF) back in his home town of Carrickfergus in Northern Ireland and has made somewhat of a reputation for himself among the far-right in Britain not just for his silly tattoo, but by threatening to have people murdered, maimed and attacked by the UVF.

Law now lives in Coventry and runs a small gang of neo-nazis up and down the country aligned to both the National Front (NF) and North West Infidels (NWI).

Among other things the newspaper uncovered about Law was that he has been messaging people on Facebook and threatening to throw acid in their faces for standing up to him. He has, excuse the pun, been a law unto himself.

We first wrote about Law in August of last year when on an NF demonstration in Manchester he shouted vile abuse at a group of Jewish women. He also threatened to have photographers shot.

After blogging about Law, we were inundated with daft threats by people claiming to represent the UVF, which was unusual. When we contacted their representatives in Northern Ireland, we were assured they had never even heard of Law. What a surprise, as he was going around telling people he had once been a “major” player in the Northern Irish conflict.

Law: The loyalist terrorist who never was

Law: The loyalist terrorist who never was

Now the Irish media have caught up with this self-styled new leader of the wannabe terror British terror-gang Combat18 and Law has become most, most upset. Not as upset as his family back in Carrickfergus however. Few have anything to do with him by all accounts. Understandably so.

Now Law is complaining to people that he could be the victim of a sectarian murder attempt, or worse still, the police may raid even his home (which is what they should do to someone who threatens to disfigure people.

This Wednesday night Law is attempting to get a gang together to attack a meeting of the campaign group “Stand Up To Racism” in Coventry.

Now, that would be a very, very, silly thing to do….

We’ll put up the newspaper’s article later.


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