British nazi calls for a war against Jews

Matthew Collins - 15 03 16
Renshaw: Failed the medical?

Renshaw: Failed the medical?

We’ve written countless times previously about the activities of Jack Renshaw, a former Young British National Party (BNP) activist from Blackpool.

Often Renshaw gave us great reason to laugh. He dressed like a cast-off from Dad’s Army and had the polished wooden-like features of one of Bagpuss’s mice. Such a sweet, cherub like individual. Even when he was bemoaning the rise of ‘militant homosexuality’ in possibly the most bizarre BNP video ever, you had to make allowances for Jack’s relative youth and unbridled stupidity.

He said and did silly things, so silly and stupid that last year Manchester University told him to pack up and leave them in peace. Renshaw had to go back to Blackpool a failure.

Having embarrassed himself and his family by being thrown out of University, Renshaw drifted towards the other cast-offs from the education system and into the ranks of National Action, the self-declared cutting-edge of youthful fascism in Britain. Or, as they so ineloquently put it themselves, the ones that “wear nice trainers.”

Renshaw: Soils the poppy and himself

Renshaw: Soils the poppy and himself

Last August, barely a month before his University dispensed with him, Renshaw was crying his tiny heart out at Liverpool’s Lime Street station. His dreams were tattered and his jumper splattered. With egg.

And Renshaw had been warned; wisely, his father has constantly told him to get his head down and get on with his studies or he would end up out of University and on the dole. Instead, Jack spent last Christmas selling Christmas trees on the pavement in Blackpool. Point proven. Sadly, for Renshaw’s family, he is still flogging stuff on a pavement to make ends meet.

Now, instead of all the bright young things, Jack Renshaw spends his time hanging around with the drug dealers and sex offenders of the far-right.

All of this, it seems, is somebody else’s fault- never Renshaw’s. His laziness, stupidity and thoroughly gullible nature that has got him into his mess and current penniless predicament is apparently, the fault of the Jews.

And so, on Saturday, Renshaw broke his recent vow of silence and took himself along to Blackpool as a speaker at a rally of the North West Infidels, a gang of drug dealers and convicted paedophiles who have been trying to start riots around the country.

Jack made a speech. A thoroughly unpleasant and stupid speech for which he will now be reported to the authorities (not for the first time.) I won’t trouble you with the entire video, but one must wonder what the police who stood there protecting him, thought of it. Here are just a few things that Renshaw said in his speech (having acknowledged that ordinary visitors to Blackpool could hear him):

On the subject of a non-existent antifascist protest, Renshaw said “When the time comes, they’ll [antifascists] be in the chambers…. and we’ll execute them.”

Renshaw described the refugee situation as part of a wider problem, a disease. “That disease is international Jewry. In World War Two we took the wrong side..”

Further he describes Jews as “(a) parasite who live among us” and called for people to “deal with the disease” . Renshaw also claimed there was a “Jewish master race” running Europe and only when “(we) identify our Jewish problem will we win…. the major issue is Jewry.”

Renshaw finished his four minute rant by accepting he was a nazi and proud to be so. He also warned that there were “hard times ahead” as the government “force these inferior people [refugees] onto us.” Renshaw also called the white race, the “superior race” of which there was very little superior looking about the foul-mouthed, beer swilling untermenschen he was addressing.

He finished by calling on people to focus on the “real enemy, and the real enemy is the Jew.” To me, that sounds like a call for violence against Britain’s Jewish community, against whom we are already witnessing growing violence.

Renshaw recently applied to join the British army. I’m guessing by this sudden burst of stupidity, he failed the medical.


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