National Front turn on National Action over sex offender

Matthew Collins - 18 03 16
Fleming: Nazi sex offender

Fleming: Nazi sex offender

There’s been a fair amount of pushing and shoving in the last couple of months between the competing groups wanting to be Britain’s premier nazi group.

The year began with startling solidarity, but things really began to fall apart after the far-right’s visit to and blood- stained departure from Dover in January.

It was while rioting in Dover that things between National Action, the North West Infidels and the National Front went wrong.

The National Front (NF) were uncomfortable about the potential for Ryan Fleming to appear there in their number. Although they had quietly mumbled about not being comfortable about having a sex offender at the rally, they were overruled and the upshot was some people were not picked up and driven to Kent on the day as a result of the argument.

NF attacks: It goes on and on and on

NF attacks: It goes on and on and on

National Action (NA) have been firm on their support for Fleming, who tied and forced a young man to perform a sex act on him. They, like Fleming himself, positively revelled in the notoriety.

The argument rumbled and rumbled on to the point where internal sniping became very public and a number of people were told to take sides. The North West Infidels (NWI), aware they were about to have a member of their group exposed as a paedophile, decided it was best to side with National Action over the argument.

Outraged, the NF then decided to not show up at the NWI’s disastrous outing to Liverpool. The shrinking pains have been well documented here. So too has NWI’s drug dealing problems of late. Whilst NA revels in its notoriety for harbouring sex offenders, so too does NWI in its drug dealing.

NF attacks: It goes on and on and on

NF attacks: It goes on and on and on

Aside from Kevin Watmough, neither did the NF go to Blackpool last week to engage in their favourite pastime of Jew hating.

Tonight the NF launched an attack on National Action over Ryan Fleming. It’s an attack that has even surprised us. But is shows the NF are getting desperate. They are desperate to stand is as many seats as they can in this May’s council and assembly elections. They are worried they will be soiled by being linked to both drug dealers and sex offenders.

But, alas for them, they have been for nearly fifty years.

Kate Newone, formerly Watmough: Now a single nazi, herself

Kate Newone, formerly Watmough: Now a single nazi, herself


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