Nick Griffin still hankers for a curry

Matthew Collins - 22 03 16

We get a hell of a lot of emails to our office. Sometimes the contents are quite bewildering. A lot of the emails of late are sent to tell us that Jack Sen is under the protection of the Russian government and is a special envoy of the Russian government, etc, etc.

Of course, I couldn’t possibly confirm that Sen has sent these himself, even if he does seem keen to spread this information about himself all over the internet.

Anyway, it’s good to see that Sen’s still banging on and on about immigration and Jews, like all good followers of fascism should. Even if he has finally had to admit it is true, he is not actually white enough himself to join many of the far-right parties he hankers after.

Not being white enough to join with the big boys hasn’t stopped Sen in his quest to save the white race and Britain. He has, in the absence of friends, created the Jack Sen Institute and decided to shower former British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin with his affection.

Sen: Dresses like Rupert to me the Griffolo

Sen: Dresses like Rupert to me the Griffolo

Now, we know Griffin is very fond with being the subject of affection- any affection, and Sen has stalked his prey with great aplomb. Sen invited Griffin around to dinner and Griffin, obviously, accepted. Let’s be honest, Griffin travels half the way around the world merely at the sniff of a free potato.

And so, Jack Sen, the wannabe white racist had Nick Griffin, the lost and unlamented former leader of British fascism, pop around to visit what looks like a converted attic, for a chat.

I’m not so sure of Griffin’s etiquette however, as there was no sign of one of the millions of bottles of cheap plonk Griffin used to squirrel home with him from Brussels when he was an MEP there and actually, no sign in Sen’s attic of any food. Typical fascist behaviour. Sen should’ve been worried, Griffin may have tried to tuck into him.

Dare I say, it had the air of a romantic dinner, without the food? Sen was breathless, no doubt knowing that it wasn’t long ago that Griffin would’ve had him sent out east never to be seen again. How exciting!

Last time Griffin had a curry...

Last time Griffin had a curry…

Sen turned up dressed like Rupert the Bear and began the conversation by telling us all how much he loves Nick Griffin. And how did Griffin respond? By telling Sen how much he likes Indian food… oh well, Sen, just be glad you didn’t cook him a curry. The last time Grffin had a curry he turned into a “sex pest.”

Sen: Not popular with the real deal

Sen: Not popular with the real deal


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