Polish nazi moves English visit forward

Matthew Collins - 26 03 16
Kowalski & Mariusz Zawadzki in London last year

Kowalski & Mariusz Zawadzki in London last year

Last month we broke the story how Polish nazi Marian Kowalski was launching a recruitment drive in Britain next month.

Kowalski: Coming to a toilet near you, earlier

Kowalski: Coming to a toilet near you, earlier

Now it seems Kowalksi has moved his visit forward by a week to try and keep his meetings away from prying eyes. His visit is now on 16-17th April in London and Cambridgeshire.

Sadly for Kowalski, Polish antifascists are monitoring every move he makes and keeping us right up to date.

Kowalksi and his dodgy bookshelves

Kowalksi and his dodgy bookshelves

Kowalski is regarded as somewhat of a dangerous idiot in Poland. He was recently photographed in front of what he assumed people would think was an impressive bookshelf. But, like most nazis, reading is probably is not his strong point. The bookshelves turned out to be just wallpaper.

The Home Office should probably have a good look at Kowalski’s visit. He has recently been referred to the public prosecutor in Poland for threatening to kill pro-democracy protesters during a rally in Lublin on 23rd January. Do we really need someone like that coming to the country and stirring up more racial hatred? Will Kevin Layzell’s mum even have enough bacon to bed and board another Polish nazi?

In London we’re waiting to hear what plans for the visit of Kowalski are being made by Mariusz Zawadzki, the UK leader of the Polish nazi gang NARODOWCY RP (Nationalists of Polish Republic). They recently held a meeting in Wood Green, North London. Zawadzki has also hosted Kowalski when he visited Dagenham last year for a private visit. Zawadzki is and his family are, a familiar sight strolling around London in Polish nazi t-shirts.

Zawadzki's other look

Zawadzki’s other look

As well as being a Legia Warsaw hooligan when back in Poland, a source tell us that he has also been trying to cement relations with Hungarian and Bulagarian fascists domiciled in London and in the Irish Republic, where there is another gang of Polish nazi also active.

Zawadzki at the football with friends

Zawadzki at the football with friends

One group of fascists Kowalksi is not overly keen on is our old friends, NOP (National Rebirth of Poland) who he and his friends view with the utmost distain.

So, hold the bacon after all Mrs Layzell.


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