Aryan stud not in the mood for love

Matthew Collins - 22 04 16
Wilshaw on Hitler's birthday earlier this week

Wilshaw on Hitler’s birthday earlier this week

Kevin Wilshaw is a man who has not achieved much in his life. He managed to get his ex-wife to cite Adolf Hitler in their divorce. Apparently it’s a first. I for one was just very surprised to hear he had even married.

Surprisingly, Kev’s not very popular with his own kind. He tells me he is going to write a book about his time in the far-right, which is interesting. I wrote a book about my time in the far-right too, but I had to leave a few things out to avoid upsetting further my dear old mum. There’s just some things you don’t want your parents to read about.

Wilshaw at the height of his NF activism

Wilshaw at the height of his NF activism

If Kevin is serious about writing a book about his time in the far-right, and he is going to be honest, perhaps he’ll talk about his ongoing obsession with me (over twenty years now) and why he was told he was not to visit the old National Front bunker in Newham after he had been drinking.

Wilshaw: Gonna party like it's 1939

Wilshaw: Gonna party like it’s 1939

These days Kevin seems to like to hang out on line with the teen gang National Action who are probably impressed with his tales of “the old days” when Kevin managed to leave absolutely no trace whatsoever. Or Perhaps it is his love of uniforms.

Kevin celebrated his love of Adolf Hitler during the week, when on the Fuhrer’s birthday he popped down to his local pub in Aylesbury dressed up in uniform. Kevin likes dressing up.

Sorry ladies, he's not interested

Sorry ladies, he’s not interested

Kevin’s main problem is that women (in his imagination) find him attractive. Yes, you know, those ads from dating sites that pop up in your spam mail. They’re getting Kevin all hot under the collar. He is not a man for loving, you hear?

Maybe he can put that in his book.


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