Infidel Alan Boswell claims “jackpot” following police assault conviction

Matthew Collins - 28 04 16
Alan Boswell: A light on, no-one home

Alan Boswell: A light on, no-one home

North East Infidel Alan Boswell has been crowing about hitting the judicial jackpot following his conviction for assaulting a police officer.

Previously Boswell, of Sunderland, had been soiling his underwear at the thought of a custodial sentence. His brown-stained concern was seemingly well placed given he committed his latest offence whilst on tag and probation for a conviction earned only last month.

Boswell, who posts on Facebook as Alan Rain, was up before the beak again having spat at an officer policing the North West Infidels latest dismally attended Rochdale demo. Accurately described by council leader Richard Farnell as a “small gang of louts” and “a rabble of just 30 people” the NWI notched up three arrests that day.

Boswell’s was the most serious and came after he attempted to spit on a local Asian person, missed and bullseyed a bobby. He was promptly nicked and, much to his dismay, held in a Bury cell for the weekend before magistrates allowed him to return to the North East on the Monday. This gave him a good three weeks to ponder his fate and seek expert advice from colleagues with what you might call inside knowledge of the judicial system.

Dope seeks legal advice

Dope seeks legal advice

Lisa offers expert insight.

Lisa offers expert insight.

This Monday his day in court came and with it support from neo-Nazi drug-dealer Warren Faulkner and his NEI cronies.

Despite the disrespect shown to the court. Boswell emerged later having received a fine of just £295. He described this result as a “jackpot”. Greater Manchester Police are unlikely to share his enthusiasm.

Bell for

Bell for

Should the force be reading they may take heart from a recent case in Lancashire which saw two other criminal morons, who indulged in similar behaviour, earn their comeuppance. They, like, Boswell couldn’t believe their luck after escaping jail and, like Boswell, crowed about it on Facebook. They were promptly hauled back into court – and jailed. One can only hope a similar fate awaits Boswell.


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