Renshaw calls for nazis to go hunt Jews and ‘eradicate’ them

Matthew Collins - 03 05 16
Renshaw: Calls for murder of Jews

Renshaw: Calls for murder of Jews

I first wrote about Jack Renshaw way back in 2013 when he was just a silly student trying to punch like he held intellectual weight in the declining British National Party (BNP).

Watching him rise through the depleted ranks of the far-right has also seen his moral and social decline. Yes, he still dresses like an old man, has to hold a pint of ale with two hands but he no longer has university to shield him.

These days, while he cleans the shelves of the hardware shop where he now works and wonders where his little life will take him, it must appear there really is very little help for Jack.

Gone is the silly boy who thought Ireland was in the United Kingdom and who worried night after night about his canine’s ability to clean itself. I wonder only if he is still surprised that people, apparently, spit at him in the street?

These are the soldiers of the master race, apparently

These are the soldiers of the master race, apparently

Despite being in his twenties now, Renshaw still likes to hide under the pretence that because he looks like a child, he can still behave like one. If you were privileged enough to see his very real tears at Liverpool Lime Street station last year, you would probably think there was still hope for the boy who wanted to be the great intellectual heavyweight of British fascism and failed.

I’m afraid not. Jack has now wound up with the cerebrally challenged National Action (NA). In NA you can say anything you want and they’ll make you think you’re intelligent for saying so. In March I wrote how Renshaw had called for a war against British Jews at an outdoor rally in Blackpool. The police stood by, listening to his sparrow-like voice and obviously decided he would one day grow out of it.

Well, we’re now in possession of a speech Renshaw made the month previous where he declared that the white race was the most superior of all races, “fact!” And yet, according to the very scientific nonsense the nazis base this on, they are not the most superior. This is the ‘privilige’ of the Japanese, apparently.

Speaking at the Yorkshire Forum, Renshaw also encouraged his fellow race-haters to go hunting Jews, because white people needed that “killer instinct” for when it came time for dealing with “parasites”.

Further to that, Renshaw proclaimed the far-right in this country as an army that needed to be trained as either great intellectuals or great soldiers. Given that he is no longer at university and no longer signed up to the British Army, one assumes he has failed at both tasks, and now here he is instead, a failure, calling for an armed assault against Jews in the comfort of a tiny room half full with other idiots.

Zack Davies: Also had a 'Holy War'

Zack Davies: Also had a ‘Holy War’

“Hitler was wrong… he showed mercy to people who did not deserve it…we have hindsight.. we see what the Jew did when offered mercy. We need to learn from the mistakes of the National Socialists. We must not show the Jews any mercy. He is nature’s social vermin. He needs to be irradiated”. Renshaw also called for a “Holy War”.

A former government made a mistake back in 1999 when it did not prosecute the people who poisoned the mind of London nail bomber David Copeland. Will this government now act before another idiot from a tiny room of idiots does something similar?

In fact, forget Copeland for a minute, and think about Zack Davies instead. That’s much more recent and still, only Davies is in prison for listening to idiots like Renshaw.

We’ll be passing both speeches Jack has made to the relevant authorities. Again.


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