Birds of a racist feather flock together

Matthew Collins - 13 05 16
Daniel Lewis and Shaun Jones together

Daniel Lewis and Shaun Jones together

Another in a long line of members of the drug gang North West Infidels (NWI) went to prison yesterday for drugs and violence related activities.

It has become almost impossible these days to name any member of the gang what with so many of them having court cases outstanding for drugs and violence.

The conviction of Shaun Jones, the man who bit another man’s ear off and regularly beat his own wife at National Front functions (NF) as his “party trick”, it just one example of the sorry and sickening nature of a relatively small but committed group of individuals across the North West of England involved with the NF and the NWI.

We have long written about the nature of this gang. Some may say it is fortuitous for Greater Manchester Police (GMP) that so many of these individuals are currently falling victim to their own stupidity or the investigations of other police forces. GMP has often preferred to investigate the activities of people selling the Morning Star than they have the activities of a gang of drug fuelled and violent neo-nazis.

For the past two months the National Front- who have been housing politically these people- have been trying to shake them off. A series of violent attacks and reprisals have marred the relationship between the NF and the NWI with members and supporters travelling from as far as Yorkshire to engage in threats and intimidation of each other.

McCullion: Gearing up for more war

McCullion: Gearing up for more war

Jones was a particularly popular member of both the National Front and NWI, as the former NF leader Kev Bryan had encouraged people to be. His “party trick” was to beat and humiliate his wife. He had a penchant for violence against other female activists, both involved in antifascism and the wider far-right. He was prominent in the foaming, frothing and no doubt drug fuelled violence of the far-right in Dover earlier this year also.

Unsurprisingly, the NF are yet to distance themselves from Jones. But his violent drug use- common in the NF and NWI, has caused quite a bit of consternation. NF members are calling for the NF to now (violently) rid themselves of this parasitical gang. They once happily jumped into bed with them when they wanted and believed they could, ferment a violent race war in the North West. In particular, the NF and NWI had been targeting the town of Blackburn where there has been a series of attacks on properties owned by the Muslim community.

In Bolton, Wigan, Liverpool and Manchester the gang have been active in intimidating female Trade Unionists and antifascists. One such case has been the violence against women in Wigan, which we covered on this blog back in February. It should come as no surprise to hear that the lead antagonist in Wigan, the sadistic Daniel Lewis, is a close friend of Jones. It now appears that the joint NF/NWI demonstration in that town set for later this month has been cancelled as the two groups can no longer work together.

McCullion: Another violent parasite

McCullion: Another violent parasite

Yesterday, Gerald McCullion, the former IRA supporter who for some reason has converted to the racism of the NF and NWI, issued threats to the NF and the English Defence League (EDL). McCullions home in Blackpool is used as some kind of unofficial office and hang-out for racist and fascist activists in the town.

McCullion is furious that the NF has (silently) turned its back on the likes of Jones. Like Jones, McCullion is also prone to ruining other people’s birthday parties. Will the police in Blackpool perhaps pay some greater attention to McCullion’s wider activities?

Fascists beating each other up is in one sense, light relief for decent people who are temporarily excused from the attentions of these people. But these are not particularly ideological fall-outs between violent people; it’s just one side getting tired of the other side getting caught behaving in a manner that they wanted the general public to hear little about.

So despite their constant threats and attacks, we will continue to warn and report about their activities. They don’t like that, either.


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