BNP silence comes at a price

Matthew Collins - 02 06 16
Walker: Wants to get you excited

Walker: Wants to get you excited

We have not written about the British National Party (BNP) much lately. It would be like commentating on watching paint dry to be honest.

Watching Walker beg is painful

Watching Walker beg is painful

The once mighty party is now not even a shadow of its former self. It barely exists other than in the memories of those it robbed, harassed and sent bankrupt. The BNP may have spawned a few equally unpleasant groups on its deathbed, but a real political death takes time and so the BNP continues to beg for monies to continue carrying out little or no political work from its empty offices and depleting coffers.

Running the party into the ground is a full time job and those doing it are ensuring they reward themselves well.

According to the latest begging email from the party, the clever swine have identified a “gaping hole” in the Brexit campaign. The moronic, monosyllabic leader, Adam Walker, then talks us through his grand master plan to deliver Britain from the EU. Reading (poorly) words a school child appears to have constructed for him, Walker tells us that “we don’t have to go to war” to leave the EU. In fact, all we need to do is “put a cross on a piece of paper and put it in a box.”

And there you have it. It’s called voting. Such a masterstroke. It’s almost as if they were not trounced last month in the London Assembly elections by Britain First and roughed up over a plate of chips by the same people during the count. This is big stuff for the BNP leadership this voting business. So few people do it for them these days that they must think we have all forgotten what it is.

Everybody knows...

Everybody knows…

“I’m not going to bore you with endless fact and figures” continues Walker. No, just looking at him struggling to read two minutes of monotonous monologue is boring enough. Plus, he really does look like he would struggle to understand facts and figures. But he continues.

“We must get our people excited. We must gather friends and family together and take them with us to vote” he says. To illustrate this, the BNP has filmed three people (the entire membership) walking into a mocked up polling station. It’s brilliant stuff. I have no idea what the huge gap is in Brexit that such a brilliant strategist as Adam Walker has discovered, but to tell us all, he and his party want £10,000.

This has not gone down too well with what remains of the BNP’s membership and their friends. Paul Hilliard, the man who was quite openly robbed by the BNP during his own bid to be elected as Chairman cannot understand why Adam needs ten thousand pound. Hilliard should know, he and his racist mates have been handing out ‘Leave EU’ leaflets free of charge. Lots of former BNP members have.

Jack Sen is right says Jack Sen

Jack Sen is right says Jack Sen

To compound Walker’s misery (it must be miserable being Adam Walker, surely?) the London region of the BNP emailed us last week to tell us that they are leaving the BNP and are going to join the Jack Sen Five. Accordingly, London BNP have published a blog lauding Jack Sen written by Jack Sen.

So now, not only has Jack Sen defeated Joseph Stalin at kickboxing he has captured a pornographer, an idiot and his muse into his gang of non-white nazis! Wow, Sen really is becoming the white man’s burden at BNP HQ.

Sen: You couldn't invent someone more silly

Sen: You couldn’t invent someone more silly


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