When nasties go missing…

Matthew Collins - 06 06 16
Alex Davies: National Action's eternal student

Alex Davies: National Action’s eternal student

Well, we did suggest on Friday that it would probably be more hot air than action from the far-right over the weekend and this proved true in particular of Brighton, where Joe Turner failed to show up for a pre-arranged march in the town.

Whether this was as a result of a sudden surge in people grassing one another up on the evening prior is anyone’s guess. What did happen by all accounts, was the personal details of some twenty well known fascists and nazis falling into the hands of antifascists after being handed over ‘anonymously’ by someone. Among the names and telephone numbers was that of Turner and a whole host of other activists who appear to have fallen foul of someone with a short fuse.

Also absent on the weekend was Paul Weston, who was supposed to take his chain smoking to Birmingham to accompany Stephen Lennon’s bore fest in Rotherham.

Despite waiting patiently for Weston at the train station, he failed to appear. That is twice now. Is it because Weston no longer wants to be the posh sideshow to the likes of Lennon and Ann Marie Waters? They waited and waited at the train station for his arrival but there was no sign of Paul or the other bloke in his tiny party.

Ann Marie Waters: Waiting for Weston

Ann Marie Waters: Waiting for Weston

It also transpired that National Action’s (NA) problems in York the weekend before were mainly down to not enough people showing up. In the end the group tried to perform a disappearing act under a cloud of smoke that went fantastically wrong and led to arrests and then a house raid or two.

Raymond: Should ring his Dad for help

Raymond: Should ring his Dad for help

The group has now moved themselves over to the Russian version of Facebook where there is very little censorship of the sort of nonsense they so like to write. One of the first things they have done (of course) is set up a page of their favourite porn pics. Still, the reason why their leader pretends his parents are dead is anyone’s guess- but will probably be revealed in the next edition of HOPE not hate magazine.

York: Silly boys were expecting hundreds

York: Silly boys were expecting hundreds

Someone’s been singing like a canary.

Talking of singing birds, Jack Sen, leader of the Jack Sen Five, has warned us “You hate filed (sic) Hope Not Hate crowd are picking a fight with the wrong man. Know that. I am warning you that this wont (sic) end well if this abuse continues. You dont (sic) know who you are dealing with. Im (sic) not your typical british (sic) nationalist chump. I will find you….”

Sen's threats: Reads like a chump to us

Sen’s threats: Reads like a chump to us

Judging by the spelling, that’s the exact sort of chump you are, Jack


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