Not even wanted by Britain First

Matthew Collins - 08 06 16
Squire: helmet not wanted

Squire: helmet not wanted

You may recall after May’s electoral disaster for the British National Party (BNP) my colleague rather eloquently declaring that former BNP London organiser and fulltime pornographer Steve Squire had decided to apply to join Britain First.

We’re not sure how far the negotiations went but Squire’s application has been rejected by the party. This must come as a hell of a kick in the teeth for Squire as Britain First has never previously been particularly fussy about who it lets in.

Golding: Said no to a possible dildo

Golding: Said no to a possible dildo

Maybe it was Squire’s suggestion that the party should patrol the streets with something large, rubber and phallic instead of the wooden crosses they have been carting around? Maybe Squire offered to replace those videos of Paul Golding begging for money with something of his own? After all, Squire made his fortune by flogging videos of Aryan women and black males with large appendages. Or, did he suggest they replace those tatty old badges Britain First sell with date rape drugs?

Either way, Britain First rejected Squire’s application and by all accounts cited HOPE not hate as one reason they believe there is clear evidence he is not of the character they want in their party.

This has obviously caused much mirth up at the BNP’s deserted head office in Cumbria which serves these days as little more than a refuge for cocaine abuse and dogging (yes, we know what goes on up there on a Friday night..)

Squire: Appealing through the Jack Sen Five

Squire: Appealing through the Jack Sen Five

The BNP’s Deputy leader, Clive Jefferson (his real and criminal name is Aitken) is absolutely delighted that Squire was knocked back by Britain First and has opened what one may describe as a ‘front’ against Squire. If reading our blogs teaches you anything, it’s that it rarely takes much for these people to turn viciously on each other.

And now, like everyone else without a home on the far-right, Squire has joined forces with the Jack Sen Five to launch an attack on all matter of things that never particularly bothered him when he was in favour in the party. Still, some of these attacks are bound to make you chuckle. Sadly, we cannot report them all here for reasons of good taste and maybe even legal.

What Squire wrote to party members

What Squire wrote to party members


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