The absent tears of crocodiles

Matthew Collins - 15 06 16
Jayda Fransen: Speaking from who knows where

Jayda Fransen: Speaking from who knows where

Since the homophobic murders in Orlando, the far right in the UK has been treading on egg shells.

A Muslim man with a gun has murdered 49 people and injured dozens of others. This has pleased them greatly. In their world view, this is all that Muslims do. That Omar Mateen’s victims were from the LGBT community has made it slightly harder for them to engage in their pastime of grief tourism.

The one and only mention by the BNP

The one and only mention by the BNP

There was no sign of far-right leaders around any of the very dignified vigils held across the country. No sign of the likes of Paul Golding with his head bowed and rattling his tin or Paul Prodromou, either (who has taken to producing a t-shirt for each and every occasion he views on his television).

It’s been very hard for the hard-line homophobes of our far-right to show any sympathy at all for the victims, in fact. It was as if, in their view, it was a victimless crime.

Victim blaming BNP style

Victim blaming BNP style

The British National Party (BNP) pointed out that Omar Mateen’s victims were at a gay night club. They did not condemn the killing; they merely reiterated that the killer was a Muslim. They mentioned it once. No endless pictures of victims we so often see them cut, paste and plaster after an atrocity.

One regular commentator on the BNP Facebook page blamed the victims, because if they had not yet discovered that all Muslims were evil, they (the victims) must be “thick or something.” Another joked that the night club was “really bangin!” on the night of the attack.

Britain First got their Deputy leader Jayda Fransen to make a video address. “It’s another Islamist terror attack,” she pawed down the camera. Fransen criticised the American President, Barack Obama, for his own address on the issue, because he had the temerity to declare he was “still waiting for the facts of the investigation. We’ve reached no definitive judgement on the precise motivations for the killer.”

Which one would assume, in the aftermath of such an outrage and tragedy would be the sensible and proper thing to do. Not so for Fransen. Seeing that Obama is being sensible, she repeated a number of lies and slurs against the American President.

“How dare you have the audacity to question the motive, incentive and association of this man?” she asked of Obama. “There is no question what the motive and the incentive for this disgusting act was” she continued.

Instead of homophobia, Fransen declared the motivation behind the killings was Islam. This “barbaric act” her words, was “due to Sharia Law.”

Nick Griffin preferred the thoughts of others

Nick Griffin preferred the thoughts of others

Finally, there were “thoughts and prayers” for the dead, but not before she got in a “thank God” for Donald Trump. So it wasn’t homophobia, it was a mixture of President Obama and Islam.

Nick Griffin, the former leader of the BNP and now a freelance hatemonger around Europe, was understandably cool on the subject. Let’s us not forget that Griffin was the leader of the BNP when David Copeland carried out a murderous nailbomb attack against the gay community in London back in 1999, killing three people (including a pregnant woman). Upon seeing a vigil to Copeland’s victims back in 1999, Griffin wrote: “The footage of dozens of “gay” demonstrators flaunting their perversion in front of the world’s journalists showed just why so many ordinary people find these creatures so repulsive.”

As a result of that, Griffin was outed himself by his former boss Martin Webster, but he no longer likes to talk about it. Instead, like many on the far right, Griffin prefers to propagate the idea that the murder of gay people by a Muslim is somehow like the proverbial chicken coming home to roost. Again; no sympathy or empathy for the victims. But who would ever even want it? Griffin preferred to show a tweet from Conservative commentator Douglas Murray instead.

The supreme homophobe of all, Britain First founder Jim Dowson, took his sweating self to YouTube. Dowson is a man who for years has tormented and terrorised gay people. Addressing the Internet as a “real Christian” (the sort you will not find in any real church) Dowson feared gun owners in the United States would once more come under pressure because of the actions of a “crazed, Islamic gunman.”

But Dowson at least acknowledged the murders were homophobic. “Absolutely,” he said, looking off camera for a second. Dowson admitted that he has counter-protested at Gay Pride parades because, as a tax-payer, he has had to “pay for these parades.” Presumably, gay people do not pay tax. He also forgets that tax payers also foot the bill for his Orange Order marches and are still footing the bill that has run into millions of pounds for the Orange Order’s continued protest at Twaddel Avenue and of course, the ‘Flag Dispute’ – two very taxing events in which he has played a large part when he has been at home in Northern Ireland.

Dowson then moved on to describe his opposition to gay people as not just about being a tax payer, but his homophobia being led by “theology.”

Dowson: A question of his priviliges

Dowson: A question of his priviliges

Like every other far-right person, Dowson now seeks to blame the “left and and the liberals” for the murders in Orlando. His apparent mission in life has been to teach gay people the error of their ways. In doing so, Dowson complains that he has been hit in the head with bottles when trying to convince gay people to mend their ways, and even admits to being hit in the head with “a giant, candy dildo” during one of his protests.

For the other seven minutes, Dowson goes on about how he has gay friends and family members and even goes for a pint with gay people, despite disrupting their weddings, civil ceremonies and general all around life.

But, you see, he does not murder anyone. He condemns the killings but also the victims. What a joyous pint that must be for gay people supping with Dowson.

It now turns out that this was not the work of some jihadist but instead the hateful actions of a disturbed individual with a great many issues.

That is why the crocodiles are still dangerous.

Dowson: A question of his priviliges

Dowson: A question of his priviliges


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