National Front splits again

Matthew Collins - 29 06 16
Newcastle on the weekend

Newcastle on the weekend

When they’re not drug dealing, wife beating or glue sniffing, the National Front (NF) manage to occasionally have political disagreements too.

Next year the party will celebrate its 50th anniversary by smashing up a pub somewhere. That it has survived this long is a miracle. Since its inception it has had well over a dozen serious splits and possibly another two dozen that verged on the ridiculous. Even for the National Front.

In fact, just about every blog we have done on the National Front over the last three years has been about its drug dealing, wife beating etc, etc. That it ever had time for a little nazism was always a surprise.

The particular incarnation/faction that has split only won control of the name last year in rather acrimonious circumstances. We’ve been predicting a split since after last year’s General Election, when some sections of the party fell in with the wholly disreputable drug gang, the North West Infidels.

Then along came National Action early this year and with it some wholly unsavoury pastimes around the sexual abuse of young men. As the NF fought amongst themselves this year, there were violent visits to homes and pubs by rival gangs who were not entirely sure as to who or what they were being loyal to.

Last year, Simon Biggs left the party after throwing kicks and punches at two other members of the party during an activity.

The last month had been relatively quiet in terms of the NF. Those members who are not on bail or already in prison have been keeping their heads down. However, things appear to have changed when on Saturday there was much reporting that the NF had turned out in Newcastle (as they often do) with a large banner.

Trying to cover up the NF logo

Trying to cover up the NF logo

I can confirm that although the banner said it was the National Front, it was in fact the remnants of another tiny nazi splinter group, the Northern Patriotic Front (NPF). Holding the banner was none other than Simon Biggs, the former NF man with a string of convictions ranging from burglary to violent assault. In fact, Biggs had left the NPF for the NF some years previously, stealing their membership lists.

Evidence Bigssy nicked a banner

Evidence Bigssy nicked a banner

Now it looks as if the NPF and sections of the NF have merged to form a new gang. No doubt with stolen membership lists, flags, plant pots and sausage rolls. This group is apparently friendly to National Action so it would probably be best to keep your kids away from them. They have ingeniously called themselves ‘Northern Nationalists.’

What’s leff of the NF (not a lot) are furiously claiming that Simon ‘Biggsy’ Biggs stole their banner. He denies it. He has even published pics on his new website to show he did not use the NF’s banner. A pic we came across proves something a little different…

Kevin Watmough who has a history of campaigning for the release of paedophiles and downloading pornography appears to thrown his inconsiderable weight behind this new group too.

Same old rubbish. Just another name.


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