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Matthew Collins - 01 08 16
Nunn: Got the lucre, but got no leader

Nunn: Got the lucre, but got no leader

A former British National Party (BNP) organiser from Northamptonshire is to organise a conference he hopes will solve the British far-right’s leadership crisis.

Larry Nunn, who is a ‘business consultant’ and closely linked to the nazi talking shop ‘London Forum’ has called for a conference this September to iron out what he sees as a fragmented, disorientated and impotent fascist movement in the UK.

Nunn hopes the September conference will provide British fascists with an opportunity to “demonstrate decisiveness and to seize the political initiative”, especially if they can make their voice heard and can “make our numbers felt.”

A bring and buy for bovver boots

A bring and buy for bovver boots

Having had months and months of the media assuming the far-right in Britain is experiencing massive growth despite all of the evidence being contrary , Nunn is convinced that with UKIP apparently post- Brexit having lost their raison d’être and currently stumbling aimlessly whilst Labour too has its own preoccupations, the far-right and nationalist movement in the United Kingdom should seize the apparent opportunity provided.

Nunn is in particular scathing of the period since the BNP’s demise and describes the period prior to its demise under the leadership of former MEP Nick Griffin as “ultimately disastrous.”

Once the BNP fell into repute and disrepair, it was Nunn who began the search for a new leader and a new movement. If you have enough money for such things, why not waste it?

Worryingly both for himself and for any potential attendees, Nunn is actually of the impression that there are leaders out there amongst the many fragmented and disjointed groups who barely dare manage to stumble from social media and onto the streets. The internet does in fact have many, many far-right leaders, but only in quantitate terms. The question of quality is surely the most vexed issue.

Golding: Chief of the binbag brigade

Golding: Chief of the binbag brigade

Some of Nunn’s previous exploits in searching for a new leader or a new direction for British fascism include supporting the first acorns of the group National Action who in return for his patronage breathed wide eyed in excitement at the mere mention of his name.

The cutting-edge and youthful ‘intellectuals’ soon unmasked themselves to be a rag-tag of juvenile delinquents with excessive interest in schoolboy behaviour and little if any, talent or leadership. One of their great high hopes, Alex Davies, was recently humiliated by a mixed race school girl in a video now watched by over a million people.

Elsewhere, the quality of leadership improves little more. The National Front is once more split and fractured whilst the BNP’s current leadership is considered little better (or honest) that its last.

Nunn is somewhat of a promoter of fascists with great oratory skill. He even funds an award for the best spoken fascist each year so it is unlikely he would be much of a fan of wannabe leader Paul Prodromou, who has done more damage to the English language than even Hitler ever did to an East London chippy!

The problem Nunn has is not only the sheer dearth in quality of the leaders’ of fascist groups but simply the appalling quality of fascism itself. The leadership is only part of the problem. He knows that with better quality, better people may follow, but the fascist movement is in a far more distressed condition than even British society.

When old John Tyndall sat in his tidy home in Hove during the 1980’s, and even with Richard Edmonds at his side, at least he knew his couple of hundred adherents when not planting bombs and blowing themselves up were tucked up tidily at night in Adolf and Eva pyjamas with a cup of Horlicks and not involved in the excessive drug dealing, child pornography and spousal abuse we see now.

The post-Brexit question and where does UKIP go now is playing heavily on the minds of the far-right. The talk has been in the run up to and from Brexit that the far-right might be in some position to claw back some radicalised admirers if UKIP moves further into the mainstream or simply evaporates.

The word on the street is that Britain First’s Paul Golding feels he has almost completely exhausted his options and is quietly prepared to turn over some 300 uniformed activists and some 50,000 email contacts for a place on the board of a new group. He shouldn’t be discounted totally- Golding was once as dedicated to his copy of Mein Kampf as he is now his bible and hasn’t allowed his group to become Jewish-friendly like the English Defence League (EDL) tried and failed to be. His stock has also begrudgingly grown within the far-right as he has persevered with his lost causes unlike so many others. This has been noticed. He was also slapped on the back for humiliating the BNP during the recent London elections.

The troubles we said were coming in Pegida came with Ann Marie Waters leaving and Paul Weston is believed to have been close to trying to throw Liberty GB into a disastrous merger with Britain First until things went very, very awry with Britain First after the murder of Jo Cox.

Since crossing the Rubicon from UKIP many moons ago, Weston has been chasing followers and partners each and everywhere. Andrew Brons, Jim Dowson, Paul Golding and even Adam Walker have at times crossed his path and all chose to keep walking by.

So Nunn has taken it upon himself to launch the search for someone to take up the poison chalice that is leading the undesirable face of British fascism for the foreseeable future: “We have made arrangements for what we are billing as a ‘Leaders Conference’, to take place at a prestigious venue in early September and invitations will be sent out to the selected invitees over the course of the next few days” he writes on his website.

Walker and Weston: Rated by nobody

Walker and Weston: Rated by nobody

Who is “in” and who is “out” will remain a mystery. Just looking at the current line up of ‘leaders’, it’s clearly evident most of them could not hold their own in an un-prestigious venue, let alone the Ibis Nunn has pencilled in at the moment to host the day long fashion parade.

One person who will not be invited is of course, Jack Sen, the leader of the Jack Sen Five. It is believed the future leader of the far-right in Britain, according to Nunn, will have to be white.


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