Split splitters split as Gillett and Cousins go to war

Matthew Collins - 03 08 16
Gillett: not the sharpest blade

Gillett: not the sharpest blade

Last week we reported on the formation and immediate fracturing of the latest EDL splinter, led by the serially stupid and criminally violent Andrew Edge. This we are drawn to the increasingly vicious ward of words between one-time EDL stalwart Pete Gillett and gobby South East Alliance activist, Gary Cousins.

Gillet, a convicted drug dealer, armed robber and former cellmate of Reggie Kray, seems to have taken umbrage after Cousins’ threatened him in a post which also touched upon his alleged former drug use and sexual preferences. This was helpfully shared by the West Midlands’ Daniel Hall just in case any “patriots” were missing out on the bunfight

The “adopted son of Reggie Kray” wasn’t about to let this go, letting fly with his own Facebook fury and declaring his immediate resignation from whatever is left of the EDL. He also said of Cousins that “the vile c*** needs hurting”.

Others joined in what was quite the intellectual discussion.

The plot continues to thicken, offering the potential to outstrip an Eastenders Christmas omnibus in terms of the violence indulged in by shouty, idiotic and bald middle aged men. Should you wish to follow the fractious action Gillett, a man who positively revels in being the centre of attention, has helpfully left his Facebook profile wide open.


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