Of angry men and poor Jack Sen

Matthew Collins - 07 08 16
Gillett: Eat your heart out Phil Mitchell

Gillett: Eat your heart out Phil Mitchell

Barely a week goes by that we do not receive some kind of missive from Jack Sen. The man is obsessed. With himself.

If he is not asking us to meet him in a gym he is leaving messages referring to a senior British National Party (BNP) figure that he claims is involved in child abuse. No evidence- just claims.

Sen’s main problem is that he wants to rule the British far-right, but they will not let him. Yes, he is complaining quite a bit that he is the victim of their racism because he is part Indian. I kid ye not! The far-right is also making a big noise that Sen’s real name is Sengupta allegedly. He is not very welcome at all.

Jack Sen's nonsense email

Jack Sen’s nonsense email

And Sen is hurting. Last week my colleague reported how what is left of the British far-right are getting together to try and resolve their differences at a conference and also choose a new leader. Sen has been excluded from the meeting because he is not white enough to lead. He is furious. He is, after all, responsible for killing more Trots than Ramón Mercader. If you believe his nonsense, anyway.

He recently wrote to the London Forum’s Jez Turner to complain about all manner of things. The email (which we have) is hilarious. Here are some unadulterated snippets:

This morning Sen even popped up on the HOPE not hate Facebook account. It’s interesting to see he stiil wears that pink shirt, even on Facebook!

Sen's Facebook message for us and others

Sen’s Facebook message for us and others

If Sen’s ranting is not enough, there is more than one angry man in the far-right. Peter Gillett has been having an on-off barny with EDL Walter Mitty character Gary Cousins for a while now. We reported on that last week, too. Eat your heart out Danny Dyer, but there seems to be some right ‘geezers’ on the manor at the moment and none of them have an ounce of respect. And Gillett ain’t ‘appy about it. He also claims to have run the wing when he was locked up at high security prison HMP Belmarsh, as well as being the former ‘pad mate’ of one of the Kray Twins! He does look a little bit like Phil Mitchell, I’ll grant him that… Now some other cheeky fash are calling him all kinds of things, including a grass and a mug and a tubby bugger. I do believe he has photographed himself in some tight leather underwear on his Facebook page, today. I’ll investigate that bit, later.

Gillet deals with the geezer-grass rumours, Guv.

Gillet deals with the geezer-grass rumours, Guv.

If these people ain’t careful, they’ll be having a sit down with Tony Soprano and a few other lads.


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