Liam’s scouting for idiots – and cash

Matthew Collins - 08 08 16
Alias Walsall and Jones

Alias Walsall and Jones

Perhaps someone suggested a “big tent approach” in order secure that elusive unity and Liam Jones took it a bit literally? Why else would the portly piss-stained one be planning to pitch up under canvas later this month?

Jones, who also trades – and we do mean that literally – as Liam Walsall is due to set up camp outside the offices of Walsall Council between August 25th – 27th, officially to protest about people who flee war. Unofficially it seems to be more about him taking umbrage at the fact his local authority thinks he might be a teensy-weensy bit racist and allegedly shared that radical thought with West Midlands Police. In fact Jones has decided in his wisdom that it’s not even a protest, more a “social gathering.” This may just have something to do with how many on the far right are unable to attend demos due to pesky bail conditions.

Jones is set to be joined on the set of Carry on Camping by that other great unity candidate, Andrew Edge, the serially idiotic and criminally violent leader of the latest EDL splinter group. I can’t remember its name. The one formed a couple of weeks back. The one that’s already splintered. That one.

The protest that's not a protest, honest guv.

The protest that’s not a protest, honest guv.

Edge confirmed as guest at protest that isn't a protest.

Edge confirmed as guest at protest that isn’t a protest.

Edge has form when it comes urban camping. He once pitched up outside South Yorkshire Police’s HQ, showing solidarity with abused children by partying with a few pals and a few more tinnies. Classy.

Still he was at least classier than Yorkshire English Defence League organiser Gail Speight and the now leader of what little is left of the EDL, Ian Crossland. The pair allegedly enjoyed a liaison. We shall spare you the details but apparently Gail found Ian a right pain in the arse.

Speigh and Crossland ready for night-time manouevres

Speigh and Crossland ready for night-time manouevres

Back in Walsall, Jones is, as ever, eyeing up the money-making opportunities. He has form. He has long fleeced his fellow “patriots” with fascist tat that makes Kev Watmough’s merchandise look like Louis Vitton gear. He also recently ran a fundraiser for a public address system which has yet to be seen in public.

This time around he claims to be collecting cash for Walsall’s homeless. Forgive us for being a shade sceptical, especially as there’s a few branches of Greggs to be found near the council’s HQ.








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