Life without Tommy

Matthew Collins - 16 08 16
Anne Marie Waters

Anne Marie Waters

The women in his life are used to getting by without the company of English Defence League (EDL) founder Stephen Lennon, aka Tommy Robinson.

If it’s not the drugs or thuggery, it’ll be football or mortgage fraud keeping him away from home. Or maybe it’s the entering of another country illegally. Busy lad that he is.

Lennon and his new gang, ‘Pegida’ recently dispensed with the services of Anne Marie Waters, the combative former UKIP candidate. It had been a bumpy old ride for the two of them; they had planned to do so much together. Including what could have potentially sparked mass civil disorder on the streets had their cartoon plot eventuated.

Get along and show your support. Or not

Get along and show your support. Or not

Waters has now been cut adrift in a move that Pegida says will have “no affect” on the organisation. And now, separated from the Bedford cash-cow, Waters is back to doing it on her own. She has already proven that she will travel just about anywhere to speak to and about just about anyone. No matter how small the crowd.

I’m wondering whether to make a comparison with Zane who recently left One Direction, but I have absolutely no interest as to whether he is pursuing a solo career or has got himself a proper job.

Lennon: got over Anne Marie quite quickly

Lennon: got over Anne Marie quite quickly

Either way, what with me not knowing anything about One Direction, you’ll have to amuse yourselves by making up other pop-music related comparisons of your own.

Ms Waters begins her new solo career this Saturday, in London. ‘Islam Kills Women’ being the title of her new work. Yes, it is very repetitive, isn’t it? Still, never mind the Buzzcocks, at least Emma Foreman will be there. Just leave your tents at home this time….


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