Law goes to war, Waters meets with bores

Matthew Collins - 20 08 16
Tommy Law: really just a fleg man..

Tommy Law: really just a fleg man..

Anne Marie Waters held her ‘Islam Kills’ demonstration in London today, trying as she is, to prove there is still life in the anti-Islam movement, even if Stephen Lennon appears less interested than usual.

Waters drew sixteen people to her demonstration; mainly the usual wallies. Among them was Emma Foreman (no tent on the square this time) plus the church-raiding moron John Banks. And, it was great to see Matt Pope make a rare appearance. He, like Waters, was unceremoniously dumped by Lennon and Pegida.

Anne Marie's tiny fan club today

Anne Marie’s tiny fan club today

For the rest of the far-right, there was not much else on this weekend. The teen-nazis National Action have headed up north with a collection of girlie magazines, tents and biscuits, no doubt glad they are away from the big boys.

For legal reasons we cannot mention many of the people involved in a huge brewing brawl, as most of them are currently before the courts. But, at a time when so many are going to prison unity has gone right out of the window.

Tommy Law, the Carrick-born motormouth currently domiciled in Coventry who pretends he is in the Ulster Volunteer Force, has decided to go to war with a tiny gang of wallies based in Essex. Between the lot of them it is unlikely there is one working brain cell, but it should be funny. The Essex mob are sending threatening messages to Tommy in Coventry in broken English. Apparently it’s a warning. If Al Francis leaves an answer machine message it’ll be really serious.

Tommy Law: really just a fleg man..

Tommy Law: really just a fleg man..

This one is going to run and run. Probably on C wing somewhere.


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