The unbearable being of fascism

Matthew Collins - 24 08 16
Jack Sen in his home shirt

Jack Sen in his home shirt

The British far-right is shrinking by the day. Tin pot Hitlers are retreating and facing prison (if they are not already in one).

This week, one English Defence League ‘member’ had a public row with his son. There were claims and counter claims of rape and sexual abuse. Very unpleasant viewing. They’ve now applied to Jeremy Kyle to act as some kind of referee. If he has any sense, he and his producers will refuse to be drawn into such nonsense.

We sure have seen a lot this year; fascists biting people in pubs over sandwiches, drug dealing on an industrial scale, beating their wives for “fun” and then also, stubbing out cigarettes on their pregnant girlfriends. It could be worse, I suppose. Last year one British nazi went to prison for helping cover up the murder of a schoolgirl and then having sex with her dead body.

I therefore love it when they bang on and on about how they look after women and family and other people (mainly Muslims,) do not. And there is still a lot, lot worse to come this year.

That anybody would even want to join the ranks of these vile, moronic idiots is almost beyond belief. But there is someone, who not just wants to join, but actually wants to lead the far-right. His only problem? Yep, he’s not white enough. Sure, Jack Sen had a few weeks in the British National Party (BNP), but that was only made possible by an act of law.

Sen: Serious politician at work, apparently..

Sen: Serious politician at work, apparently..

No other group wants him. The poor soul had to form his own little group which we have named the “Jack Sen Five.”

Sen has done everything possible to actually get British nazis and fascists to like him; he’s anglicised his name, he’s lied about where he is from, sent horrible tweets to Jewish MPs, sent millions of bizarre messages to our page accusing another BNP member of child abuse (among other things), gave advice on how to fight Joe Stalin in a pub in Southport and also used some five or six different names to further his career. He’s even listed himself on Facebook as a Public Figure! Surely it is one of ridicule more than anything else, because all of the other nazis positively hate him. Because, as Jack has complained, the buggers are racist!

It doesn’t matter what names he uses, Jack Sen/ Jack Sengupta or even Giacomo Vallone, they will not have him! Not even in his pink shirt.

The person Sen keeps emailing us about- accusing them of child abuse, appears to have once whacked some boys who were being naughty on a war memorial (probably other BNP members). For some reason, Sen is desperate for us to repeat his wild, false and untrue accusation. What’s bizarre is that it’s not as if the far-right is short of actual and real child abusers. But, day after day, Sen keeps pestering us to repeat his accusations. You really aren’t the rocket scientist in your family, are you Jack?

Sen has now announced he is to use “about half” of his resources on attacking other fascists. Visitors to his attic will be relieved. One half of his resources is cheap whiskey, by all accounts.

Get on with it, lads. There’s so few of you left to amuse us.


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