Infidels turn on Barnes as fascists further fragment

Matthew Collins - 06 09 16
Craig Barnes: flighty

Craig Barnes: flighty

We recently reported on the antics of Bolton’s Craig Barnes, a sort of fly-by-night fascist who flits between North West far right groups like a butterfly on speed.

Since then Barnes has been doing his bit in sowing division among what little remains of the North West Infidels and its fragmented allies.

In what proved to be a model of passive-aggressive goat-getting, Barnes, posting as Craig W North, insisted he was “not having a pop” at the NWI for its recent inability to organise any of its infamously pointless protests. It didn’t go down well.

Fellow Infidel, Fiona Platt, from Blackpool via her native Yorkshire, took umbrage before others jumped in jackboots first.

The latest unity drive is, as always then, having quite the opposite effect.

Since we wrote of Barnes’ plans for a demo in Bolton next month he’s attempted to distance himself from it. Apparently he sees himself merely as a footsoldier, a freelancer. This stance is somewhat undermined by his recent championing of Mike Whitby’s pitifully small BNP splinter, British Voice.

Whitby was spotted in Bolton on Saturday doing a “flash” with former Sunderland Defence League leader Billy Charlton. It’s was a typically tiny affair attracting just thirteen scruffy far-righters. And a dog.

Flashing in Bolton: blink and you missed it.

Flashing in Bolton: blink and you missed it.

It seems Charlton is continuing his charmless offensive in a bid to secure top spot at the NWI whilst its leadership is, ahem, otherwise engaged. To be fair given the membership attrition through jailings, bailings and infighting, that leadership position could go by default to the last man or woman standing. One person who’s definitely out of the running is Anglesy’s Adam Owen; he just quit after earning six months custodial for violent disorder in Dover.

Maybe one of the McMahons will go for it? We hear they too have had their own troubles over at the NF where inner tensions have reached a peak. You see more splits there than at an amateur gymnastics contest. We’ll be reporting further on that amusing spat.

But on the basis of intellectual capacity and organising ability, maybe they should give it to the dog?

Barnes lurks in Liverpool.

Barnes lurks in Liverpool.


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