National Front looks terminal

Matthew Collins - 12 09 16
An audience of one will cry

An audience of one will cry

Since it (dare I say fraudulently) took control of the name National Front (NF) last year, the northern based nazis behind the organisation have taken the organisation from one disaster to another.

In its fifty years of masquerading as a political party, the NF has always been synonymous with racism, nazism and violence. The new leadership/owners added wife beating, drug dealing and sexual abuse to the catalogue of great National Front activities.

The tie-in with the North West Infidel drug gang as well as the sex-obsessed National Action teen gang plunged the party into political paralysis; it abandoned the facade of being a political party to engage in drunken and drug fuelled feuds with fellow nazis, recruiting a very low and very base criminal underclass under the guise of being a political party.



We’ve been almost exhausted by covering every act of violence and stupidity that followed them. You can have a brief perusal here.

A violent split in the party has been boiling away since the beginning of the year when the National Front organised the disastrous “unity demonstration” in Dover which has so far landed dozens of their followers and adherents before the courts.

Some members began raising objections to the nature and trajectory of the party last year and many had hoped that the party’s new leader Dave MacDonald, appointed in November 2015, would help drive out the drug gangs. They haven’t updated their website since.

Freeman: Organising the Dover riot

Freeman: Organising the Dover riot

When it became apparent that MacDonald was either unwilling or incapable of improving the party, the 300 strong party began instead, waging war among themselves. By the very nature of the NF, this war has raged and engaged in just about every other group on the far-right. Given the nature of the members, the factions and allies have changed regularly. Criminal fallouts are like that.

Keeping track of who has done what to who has been impossible, but the “chip shop” faction from Halifax (yes, they meet in a chip shop) is possibly the daftest of the lot. The last time they were involved in a split they actually sold their regional membership list to a Sunday newspaper! They’re now backing a merger with a splinter group from a group that formed and splintered from the English Defence League (EDL) only a month ago.

Ex-Chairman Kev Bryan roasted

Ex-Chairman Kev Bryan roasted

Others inside the NF are now saying the party should fold. In its fifty years, the NF has split over ideology, money, Judaism, Zionism, technology, women, music and even the possession of a typewriter. It’s had a heady old time- this will be first split over drugs and drug dealing. So endemic is the NF’s current criminal problems, that we cannot even mention many of the protagonists as they are still to face the courts from a range of things from allegedly supplying drugs to allegedly hiding a dead body.

Leading the call for the party to fold is Mark Freeman from Kent. He was recently told that the party would not be backing his “White Lives Matter” march in Kent, and he was subsequently told that he was now part of a renegade faction. Take note, it was Freeman who organised the riotous assembly in Dover in January this year. Not some other joker. Freeman’s probably been kicked out as the NF interpreted his march as having anti-drugs undertones.

Collett: Not quite the new John and Valerie..

Collett: Not quite the new John and Valerie..

The split in the NF is now very open and very, very unpleasant (if you’re a fascist). By all accounts, the meeting of far-right leaders held in London on the weekend anointed Mark Collett to lead any new party that forms in the near future. Of course, the NF will never die- not when there are still people wanting to buy tat or drugs. But even if it did, it’s hard to see even Collett recruiting from this cesspool.


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