Sengupta to see Sensi?

Matthew Collins - 15 09 16
Sen: Whiskey go-go

Sen: Whiskey go-go

Ah yes, fresh from my travels (a very big thank you to our friends in Ireland for putting us up and letting HNH speak) I have returned to another message from Jack Sengupta, aka Jack Sen, the non-white nazi leader of the Jack Sen Five nazi gang.

Sengupta seems, to me, a little overly obsessed with my buttocks and my diet. What with him having escaped a gulag in Stalin’s Russia (and lied about being able to speak Afrikaans at a recent meeting London where he was caught out), Britain’s premier lush, soak and Walter Mitty, tells me he is bringing out a fitness video. My buttocks are great by the way. The diet admittedly, not so great. But hey, it’s all paid for.

Another of Sen's sexy messages

Another of Sen’s sexy messages

Anyway, Ireland; While there we met a man who knew a man who was once invited to a high level ‘nationalist’ conference in England, by a man who claimed that he would put him up in a posh hotel and supply him with Whiskey- just for appearing at the meeting.

This Irish chap drove off the boat from Ireland and straight to a Wetherspoons where this massive conference was supposed to be taking place. He found himself one of five people sharing the mixed platter with a bunch of drunken English “dreamers and idiots.”

It also turned out that the posh hotel he was promised had mysteriously “fallen through” and was then offered a couch in an attic conversion where some “lunatic” had locked his own wife in a bedroom. Turning on his heels and leaving, the Irish brethren booked himself into his own hotel and has ever since been receiving between 30-40 hateful emails per week from his former host. A funny old story, eh?

George Crapper: Sells all sorts of crap

George Crapper: Sells all sorts of crap

Anyway, back to Jack Sengupta. It looks as if Jack has made acquaintance with one George Edwards aka George Crapper, formerly of Sheffield, England. Crapper was a hard-line nazi in and around Britain for a while, with a side-line in offering himself for orgies and wife swapping meetings. He also had a couple of mixed race children apparently.

As well as an under realised interest in partaking in orgies and wife-swapping, Edwards/Crapper, sold junk on the internet; old prams he found at the tip, used scratch cards, pictures of his own genitalia, pictures of other people’s genitalia etc, etc. You get the picture, but believe me, you would not want to see the picture.

Having exhausted his welcome in about five different nazi organisations in the UK, Crapper made his way to Portugal a couple of years ago. He currently earns a living selling lost golf balls back to golfers holidaying at up market golf resorts. He also offers his services as some kind of cut-price male escort, offering women fish and chips and a read of a day old Daily Mail in a broken down old shed by the sea.

Another venture Crapper has recently got into is the selling of ‘potent’ hemp oil capsules over the internet. Now kids, buying any kind of drugs on line is an absolute no-no, particularly if it is from a nazi like Crapper who probably does not wash his hands.

Silly Sen: Wannabe pot head and Fuhrer

Silly Sen: Wannabe pot head and Fuhrer

Selling ‘potent’ hemp capsules is probably as close as you can get to selling marijuana on the interweb without being arrested. I dunno, no drugs of any kind pass my lips. Plus, it’s all a bit tacky, isn’t it? Isn’t George?

Anyway, step forward Jack Sengupta. He was very interested in the capsules, even if EBay was not. Maybe if Jack does get some, and they are really “potent” as Crapper’s ad promises, it will beef up Sengupta’s endless emails to us and other people he does not like. Maybe it won’t.


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