Far-right round up

Matthew Collins - 19 09 16
Amanda Smith: Now serving porridge

Amanda Smith: Now serving porridge

Well, some respite for the National Front (NF) and South East Alliance’s drum corps collective derrière with the news that notorious far-right activist Amanda Smith has been sentenced to jail for three weeks. Smith has been jailed for attempting to take a photograph of an accused rioter when he appeared at Canterbury Crown Court accused of violent disorder at the Dover riot that took place in January of this year.

Smith will probably lose her job now as a catering manager at Canterbury College. One would hope so, as it is not the first time her far-right activities have landed her in trouble. We understand that “Mac” has her tool bag, whatever that means…

The big rumour in the far-right is that one particular individual has gone missing courtesy of the state after being a great help in identifying their co-accused rioters. Also missing is a large chunk of monies donated by people to help their comrades with train fares, cigarettes, cheap cans of lager and other things fascists like to partake in when in trouble. Billy Charlton, who thinks he now leads what is left of the nazi movement in the North East may not be far off the money with the suggestion that it all went up the nose of certain individuals at a recent ‘goodbye’ bash they threw themselves. We shall wait and see…

Adam Lloyd: Sacked by the NF

Adam Lloyd: Sacked by the NF

Not hanging around to say ‘goodbye’ is a large chunk of what remains of the National Front. Their recent troubles have been well documented.

Adam Lloyd, the thuggish bonehead who was as perplexed as everybody else when he was named as Deputy Chairman last year, has been told to take his White Power t-shirts, kinky boots and swastika flags and ‘do one’ by the party. Replacing him is the rather more sober, suave and sensible Tony Martin, formerly of Croydon British National Party (BNP). I say suave, but the reality is that he has a shirt with a collar and a tie somewhere.

Martin: Boring but safe butterfingers

Martin: Boring but safe butterfingers

The decision to move a leadership position away from the north of the country is a clear indication that the northern nazi network that ran a large slice of the far-right in this country has sunk under the weight of their own criminality and stupidity. Lloyd, who is from Bridgend in Wales, was also quite active in the far-right music scene. One assumes that funding source for the NF is also well and truly gone as well as the large amount of drug money that the party previously received.

NF: Thicker than the EDL?

NF: Thicker than the EDL?

The continuing arrests and prosecutions of NF members has been used by those now running the party to protest they have been the victims of some kind of state plot against the party. Does it really take a state plot to move against drug dealing, drug importation, wife beating and rioting? It probably does, what with their being no such thing as a coincidence in such an illustrious brains trust.

NF feel a Jewish plot somewhere

NF feel a Jewish plot somewhere

It appears I was wrong last time when I wrote the far-right leadership conference held earlier this month was in London. It didn’t take long for one of the teen sex-gang National Action- fresh from conning the Mirror Group they can feed others let alone themselves- to reveal it was actually held near Larry Nunn’s home, in Northampton.

Since the conference, Nunn (who uses the name Max Musson) has been desperately trying to coerce Liverpool hitman Joe Owens to join his gang. Owens has steadfastly refused to partake, what with him still hankering for a return of a better dressed Nick Griffin. But what has been funny has been the large number of cowards queuing up to abuse Owens from behind a computer. Now, I’m not sure if Owens gets out of Liverpool much these days, but some are certainly close enough to his doorstep to be reminded that when Owens pulls up outside your house in a taxi, it’s best to barricade the doors and dial 999. After all, that’s what he accuses most of you all of doing anyway, isn’t it?

Eddie Stampton: Violent fruit fetishist  on the left

Eddie Stampton: Violent fruit fetishist on the left

Nunn has been desperately trying to convince Owens that he is not working for the state. Even if he is not, here he is in a picture (on the right) with two others’ who definitely are or have of late..


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