Not so diddy sentence as Calvert sent down for Dover violence

22 09 16
Calvert adding up violent disorder sentences

The woes of the North West Infidels continued today as Blackburn-based leader Shane Calvert was given a 30-month sentence for violent disorder in Dover.

Calvert, aka Diddyman, pleaded not guilty at Canterbury Crown Court despite having been filmed throwing missiles, clambering on a police van and trying to break through Kent constabulary’s cordon. We hope he wasn’t too surprised when the jury swiftly found him guilty.

Kent Police confirmed his leading role in the disorder which resulted in so many of his fascist friends going to clink. In a statement the force’s Detective Inspector Bill Thornton said:

‘While everyone involved in the violence was responsible for their own actions, Shane Calvert played a big part in bringing groups of troublemakers together in one place.

‘He has considerable influence over those who share his political views and has a lot to answer for following the wholly unacceptable behaviour witnessed in Dover last January.

‘I am very pleased the courts have recognised this and imposed a lengthy prison sentence on Calvert, ensuring he will no longer be able to stir up trouble and bring further harm to other communities throughout the UK.”

Nice work Shane. You got not just you but a load of your mates off the streets. More may yet follow with several cases already pending and Kent Police hinting that more charges could be to come. ‘The investigation into offences committed on the day continues and I am confident there will be many more positive outcomes for the people of Dover,’ said DI Thornton.

It is the second time the 34-year-old fascist has been convicted for violent disorder. In 2013 he and six other Infidel thugs were jailed for a cowardly gang attack in Liverpool the previous year. As many as ten of them attacked a father and son on the city’s Bold Street. Calvert got 14 months.

Seasoned watchers of what is little more than a drug dealing criminal gang with a penchant for recreational violence are now wondering if Calvert and Co might face further charges. This follows violence that accompanied the gang and its idiot associates ill-fated White Man March II in February. Then, for the second time the city united so that they would not pass.

Losing to Liverpool

Calvert’s jailing follows that of his pal Shaun Jones who got 18 months, again through Dover violence. Jones’s sentence is to run consecutively with the one he’d already notched up for biting off the ear of a guest at a wedding the yob had gatecrashed.

Jones helping with police identification?

Indeed Canterbury court has been, and remains, quite busy dealing with members of the North West Infidels and associated groups such as Paul Prodromou’s South East Alliance. As a result recriminations have been flying with suspicion falling on leading players who have mysteriously escaped prosecution.


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