Far-right round up: Making Goebbels proud

Matthew Collins - 28 09 16
Rolling in it: Dowson and Griffin in Bulgaria

Rolling in it: Dowson and Griffin in Bulgaria

Well, the lead picture in today’s blog is of none other than Jim Dowson and Nick Griffin trying to mug some masked individuals in Bulgaria. Maybe they thought it was where the British National Party (BNP) was hanging out these days?

Dowson was there doing his “Christian” duty in encouraging masked individuals to terrorise apparent refugees, and Nick Griffin was there because there was a barbecue afterwards with free beer. Any allegations made that Griffin was there as a paid agent of a certain Middle East country cannot be substantiated. But are probably true.

Talking of the BNP, they surprised a few people by putting a candidate forward for the forthcoming by-election in the seat of murdered MP Jo Cox. The party has David Furness as its candidate and their campaign slogan is “Local People First”. Catchy. Furness is, of course, not a local at all. He was recently the BNP’s Mayoral candidate for London, the elction where the BNP was thoroughly hammered by both the electorate and Britain First members.

To back up his candidature, Furness was pictured (for some unbeknown reason) with the party Chairman Adam Walker. I’m not sure how that would sit with female voters, given Walker’s persistent problems with boys on bicycles. However, Walker has asked that we stop using the picture of him looking stupid. What with that hardly narrowing down the many hundreds of pictures we have of him looking stupid, we have decided to go with this one:

Adam Walker: Not at all silly

Adam Walker: Not at all silly

Also standing in the election is veteran neo-nazi, thug and Holocaust Denier, the loveable rogue that is Richard Edmonds of Sutton in Surrey. Edmonds is standing for the National Front. My only other comment is that his candidature is probably a little close to the bone.

For comedy value, Jack Buckby is standing also. Buckby, the ‘wally with a brolly’ is standing for ‘Liberty GB’ and he will be none too happy that other fascist parties are standing. Buckby had a bit of a panic about his address being disclosed to the electorate by all accounts. Still, Buckby is standing against terrorism and for Britain. Catchy, also. Buckby’s other interests have in the past included being a cheerleader for Nick Griffin, but most recently for the former English Defence League leader and criminal thug, Stephen Lennon.

Buckby: How can someone so young, think words so sad?

Buckby: How can someone so young, think words so sad?

Elsewhere in the last fortnight, the teen gang National Action have had a little bit of publicity. This is by all accounts most welcome, because they have been a little worried that they are still not a mass movement, even if they tell themselves they are. No, the ‘Camp Catalonian’ and co are having what some might describe as non-growing pains.

Help was at hand however, when the internet magazine Vice were the first to bite on an unlikely story, by picking up on pictures posted by National Action running supposedly ‘White Only’ foodbanks in Yorkshire, London and Glasgow.

It wasn’t really an exclusive as the pictures were widely available courtesy of neo-nazis putting them on the internet and we only had their [the nazis] word for it that it was true, was ongoing and was happening. Yes, there were no other witnesses… not even other homeless charities?

Because, we assume, National Action were too busy reading their monthly delivery of the Victoria’s Secret catalogue, they could not be contacted to be interviewed. But that was Ok, because as well as photographs, they had actually left some drivel to go with this staged stunt. Vice duly reported their words for them.

The only thing missing from the story are witnesses and the actual name and proof of certification that there actually is a charity feeding only white people in “unnamed” locations.

Indeed, Vice themselves mentioned Goebbels, the former nazi propaganda chief and he would be mightily proud that Vice had reported on something so dubious and being themselves one would assume, totally unaware that this sort of stuff was straight out of the Goebbels handbook.

This story then grew and grew. Still there were no little old ladies who had seen these nasty nazis draped in silly flags handing out their soggy biscuits.

It then transpired that the police were actually called to a stall in Glasgow where some boneheads with Bourbon biscuits were waiting to be photographed. They admitted it was little more than a publicity stunt, “principally propaganda” but the best bit about the story was a series of articles being written about propaganda springing up about the dreaded nazi habit of telling lies about stuff to drum up publicity. Except no writer realised they themselves were part of this whole stunt.

The only thing missing to put this story to bed, was someone sensible to stand up and say “this all looks like bullshit and you fell for it.” The Evening Times got close, but thankfully had a fellow at Cambridge University of all places who could leap into the fold like a young salmon and proclaim “This is nothing new: the NSDAP/SA [the original Nazis] invested heavily in social outreach during the Great Depression in Weimar Germany and this was institutionalised into the Winterhilfe – literally, ‘winter help’ – after they came to power.”

Blimey, that’s an education not gone to waste. So, did National Action and their Polish comrades win some kind of referendum and do they now run Scotland? No, that’d be silly. They were copying other fascist and nazi groups in driving up publicity. There was not an urn or a hot soup in sight. Oh well, it’s all good publicity, except we are probably now going to actually witness these Aryan foodbanks as a result of this nonsense.

The idea for it all probably rests with Kevin Layzell. When he was in the BNP they ran a similar program of handing out bacon sandwiches in Essex. Yes, not actually feeding the homeless, merely excluding Muslim and Jews from their little games.

There is however, an ongoing and increasing issue in parts of London about Central and Eastern Europeans who have lost their jobs and ended up homeless. It is particularly acute in one part of London and it is quite a horrific and tragic unfolding story. If the implausible progressives behind these horror stories about teen nazis and their biscuits were prepared to not do a Daily Express about it, then perhaps we could help them on their way to do a serious story about homelessness and hunger and the nation’s capitals?

Not content with one hoodwink in a month, The Swindon Advertiser broke a major story this week. It was about a group of young neo-nazis holding a secret meeting in their town.

The meeting was so secret that The Advertiser did not infiltrate the meeting, but merely reported it from social media and National Action’s own publicity. Well, you can read the story here and decide for yourself how secret the meeting really was.

Swindon's secret is now out!

Swindon’s secret is now out!

Whatever next? Neo-nazis reporting their own stickers to a local rag? Never in a month of Sundays..


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