These nazis have no shame

Matthew Collins - 04 10 16
Sullivan: Another NF member who beats women

The National Front (NF) has still made no comment regarding one of their members being sentenced to 13 years in prison yesterday for his part in the brutal burglary and assault of a pensioner.

I can now reveal that Nigel Sullivan’s teenage accomplice, Jordan Walker, is also an active member of the far-right. Hardly a surprise to many people, I’m sure.

The NF held what could potentially be the smallest NF annual rally ever in Birmingham last weekend. Much kudos to Andrew Edwards for organising a pub that allowed the NF to get so horrifyingly drunk as tradition dictates. There were many, many empty chairs given the massive purge the party has undertaken and also not forgetting how so many of their brethren are also in prison.

Kev Bryan: With wife beater Shaun Jones in background

The party handed their Albert Mariner shield for activism to former party Chairman Kevin Bryan. Bryan has not been active in the party since he drove his car into a bus last year, so that gives you an idea how few real actual activists the party has left. So delighted to be given the award was the sozzled former party Fuhrer that he had to be bundled out of the meeting towards the end of the evening that followed- but not before launching a bitter attack (to anyone who could understand him), on one of the shield’s former winners, Kevin “nappy” McMahon. Apparently he does not like Mrs McMahon’s cooking etc, etc.

And as to last year’s winner, our person there says it is best not to repeat what was said about he and his wife! Is this really what Albert took a brick for?

Yes we did.

As I reported he would be last week, Jack Buckby is very upset that other fascists have decided to stand in the by-election for the seat made available by the murder of former Batley and Spen MP Jo Cox. Buckby actually appears to live on somebody’s floor in New York and not at the address he gave the electoral commission. Aside from that, he actually believes he was in with a shot of winning the seat if the British National Party (BNP), NF and English Dems had not also decided to stand! He really has not studied the previous electoral performances of those parties (and his own) if he believes that.

Buckby: The far-right’s thinking crumpet

The decision by the English Dems to stand appears to be an extension of the ongoing troubles behind the scenes in Pegida UK (remember them?) where the English Dems and Liberty GB (Buckby’s party) have been squabbling about money, billing and influence in the very deep pockets of Stephen Lennon, who apparently still runs the group. There will be more on the demise of Pegida UK in this month’s edition of HOPE not hate magazine.

Buckby’s other major worry is not just that his Mother appears upset he no longer wears his suit all and every day and night, but also that antifasicsts in his new ‘home’ of New York appear to be gearing up to protest against his party being held there in honour of Donald Trump.

Buckby’s problematic bash

Those who gave their permission for the far-right to stand- the nominees for each candidate in the Batley and Spen by-election, appear almost as interesting as the candidates themselves. In the BNP’s case every assenters is from the old folks grange at Church Street in Cleckheaton. The NF’s assenters appear to all be former BNP members (including an ex-councillor) who we assume were unaware of the current nature of that party. The English Dems meanwhile, well, most of theirs appear to be drinkers in the Old House at Home pub in Cleckheaton. I do hope nobody goes to those who nominated the BNP candidate and does a double check on those that allegedly gave their signatures to the party.

The last thing the BNP wants is any more allegations about electoral fraud…

Remember Brentford, Mark?

And finally a date for your diary. A sort of ‘Kick the Pope’ night in Preston with shit badges. It’s nice to see we’re still living in the seventeenth century…


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