Bizarre love triangle hits Margate

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Fielld makes a heartbroken racist pest of himself in Margate

Fielld makes a heartbroken racist pest of himself in Margate

It wasn’t just the bizarre brawl involving handbags, beer mats and a bottle of cheap aftershave in Wetherspoons that ruined the ‘White Lives Apparently Not That Important’ march in Margate on the weekend.

Oh no. Local non-hero and all round plonker Gary Field was looking rougher than usual. Almost tearfully distraught. He was a broken man.

Oops. Field's declaration of love for Taylor

Oops. Field’s declaration of love for Taylor

Field was really, really, looking forward to the arrival in town of the English Defence League’s Kerry Taylor. Field, whose party trick is to spray deodorant (not on himself, mind) at antiracists and antifascists has long held a torch for her, writing her poems and apparently even texting her his innermost amorous desires from the comfort of his toilet seat. Field lived in hope that one day she would join he and his mother down on the Costa-Del- Kent. Taylor has been spurning his advances for months and months and Field apparently, just would not let it lie. He’s been declaring his love for her to anyone who will listen..

Persistence that did not pay off

Persistence that did not pay off

Alas, it appears Field discovered quite late that Taylor was actually involved in a relationship with the National Front’s (NF) Deputy Dog/Deputy Leader, Tony Martin. Aaaah.

Maybe Field should ring Mrs Martin for a date?

Maybe Field should ring Mrs Martin for a date?

Taylor and Martin even made a weekend of it, renting a cheap room in Margate to cement their recent relationship. Martin’s wife must be very happy to hear all of this… And to think he was elected to the NF’s position of Deputy Leader to clean the party’s image up.

Field. Hardly looking stoic

Field. Hardly looking stoic

The pissed and distraught Field followed the happy couple all around Margate,and even invited himself out for a drink with the couple and a few of their friends. You can see him in the lead picture not quite understanding the significance of the two fingers. Three is a crowd neither fancied.

Still, if that was humiliating, think about the other local nazi bigwig, Dave Coppin. His wife was not allowed to attend the ‘White Lives Matter’ demo on account of her being Asian.


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